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Creative Cookie Cutter Hack Transforms A Festive Angel Into Adorable Baby Yoda

The Baby Yoda hype is still going strong, in case you haven't noticed. It seems that everywhere you look, there are iterations upon iterations of the little alien in any form you can think of.

One Instagrammer found a pretty creative way to easily make tons of Baby Yoda sugar cookies faster than the Millennium Falcon.

Instagram | @atakturk

Okay, maybe not that fast.

But still, pretty fast...

Katy, or @atakturk on Instagram, noticed that an angel cookie cutter looks very similar to the basic shape of Yoda.

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That is, if you chop the angel's head off.

And that's exactly what she did.

Instagram | @atakturk

It's sort of like one of those optical illusions, where at first glance, it looks like decapitated angels.

But if you let your eyes relax a bit, you can see the ears and robe of Baby Yoda.

Once they're baked and decorated, they go from morbid to adorable instantly!

Instagram | @atakturk

All you need is a few different bowls of dyed royal icing, and a piping bag for optimal icing control.

Just be warned, it might be hard for people to eat something so cute!

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