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Twitter Pointed Out That Dog Paws Look Like Koalas, And Now We Can't Unsee It

It's pretty safe to say that the internet is obsessed with the paw pads of our furry animal friends. We just love those toe beans!

True, the term 'toe beans' is still generally used to describe the jellybean-like pads of cat paws, but many people have started to use the term to refer to the larger pads of canine cuties too. Maybe it's just that we haven't found the right term for those squishy pads.

But Twitter might have finally settled the question for good with the realization that the pads resemble another beloved animal: koalas.

I mean... now that it's been pointed out, the resemblance is hard to unsee.

Once it was pointed out, people began snapping pics of their own dogs' paws.

And yep, koala paws are definitely a thing.

The combination of the large "palm" pad's shape, which definitely looks like a head with big, round ears, and the four beans is uncanny.

I also took a look at my own pair of fluff's paws and confirm their koala-ness.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a good pic for proof, because neither would sit still. All I ended up with were blurry photos and random, garbled messages being sent through Slack as one of them rushed to escape.

I can also confirm that yes, my dogs' feet smell like Fritos.

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Yes, that's a thing! Dog paws are known for developing a yeasty smell that many people liken to corn chips or popcorn.

So dog paws are Frito koalas? I can get behind that.