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Viral Video Shows Fascinating Showdown Between Octopus And Bald Eagle

I'm sure fishermen see a lot of interesting stuff, but a recent video captured in British Colombia, Canada, is proving that when you think you've seen everything, there can still be surprises.

Because nature is hardcore.

Fisherman John Ilett and his crew were having a normal day at a fish farm off the coast of northern Vancouver Island.

CBC | John Ilett

But as the afternoon waned and they were finishing up, they heard a ton of splashing and screeching sounds nearby.

Upon investigating, they discovered a crazy sight.

CBC | John Ilett

A bald eagle was struggling to free itself from the tentacles of a bright red octopus.

Thankfully, they managed to catch some of the battle on video.

Though they didn't see the beginning of the fight, Ilett has an educated guess on what happened.

CBC | John Ilett

He thinks that the eagle was looking for food to snatch from the water and went for the octopus, not realizing that rather than a bite-sized morsel it was big enough to fight back.

After a short debate on whether or not to interfere with nature, they decided to help.

CBC | John Ilett

Using a pole, Ilett managed to pry the octopus' tentacles loose enough that the bird could free itself the rest of the way.

Once free, the eagle spent a few minutes collecting itself on shore before flying off.

The octopus disappeared beneath the water as soon as the bird was free.

"I've been out here for many years and I've seen a lot of stuff, but this ranks up there with one of the coolest for sure," he told CBC's On The Island.

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