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Store Santa Says Prayer For Shy Boy Who Only Wants A New Kidney For Christmas

Christmas is a time of goodwill and joy, when children get to fantasize about all the things they wish for and maybe even receive some from jolly old Saint Nick.

But not all wishes are for dolls or video games or other things that Santa could easily grant ā€” with a little help from Mom and Dad ā€” and a lesser Claus may be at a loss for how to handle the situation.

But one mom in Olathe, Kansas managed to find the perfect Santa, at the local Bass Pro Shops.

It's pretty safe to say that store Santas can be hit or miss sometimes, but this guy was perfect ā€” right down to the real beard.

After the encounter, she simply had to share the story on Facebook, where it went viral due to being do darn heartwarming.

Facebook | Julie Kay Ryff

Julie Kay Ryff is mom to three children who all wanted a picture with Santa.

After the pics were taken and Santa was lowering them all down from his lap, he asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas.

The girls happily told him, but her son, Levi, is shy.

Facebook | Julie Kay Ryff

Julie says that she answered for him, saying that he's on the transplant list and would like a kidney for Christmas.

Another Santa might have been flustered by the request, but not this Santa.

Instead, he pulled Levi back up onto his lap and began to pray.

Facebook | Julie Kay Ryff

Once the prayer was done, he hugged the boy and then squeeze Julie's hand. As she explained,

"I walked away crying. It never ceases to amaze me how God puts people in your path to bless and encourage you when you need it most, and usually it comes in the most unexpected places and ways. Iā€™m thankful for this sweet man tonight."

Though the moment occurred last year, Levi is still waiting for his kidney.

Facebook | Julie Kay Ryff

But in a short update Julie says that they've visited the same Santa again this year and even got to meet Mrs. Claus.

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