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10+ Things To Consider Before Mom-Shaming Someone

Being a mom is like having a full-time job. It's 'round-the-clock, 24/7, 365 days a year. Except, this job impacts someone's life—our kids' lives. The way we raise and love our kids defines who they're going to be in the world.

That's a lot of pressure. Here are a few things to keep in mind before judging another mom's parenting.

Not everyone parents the same way, so don't judge us for how we do it.

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Not everything is crystal clear and sometimes, we do things not everyone agrees with. But our kids are OUR kids.

Some days are harder than others.

Some days our kids are a little crazier than others. Some days we feel more exhausted. So, if we seem a little off, that's why.

Being a mom isn't our only job.

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Some of us work full-time besides parenting, and some of us have part-time jobs. It doesn't make us bad parents for having another world.

We're allowed to go out and enjoy ourselves.

Having a few drinks with our friends doesn't make us bad moms — it makes us human moms.

Every day is an adventure, one where we don't always know what is happening.

Life with kids is unpredictable. So sometimes, we have to roll with the punches.

If we look messy, don't point it out.

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Maybe our kids are sick and didn't sleep through the night. Maybe we're so over-tired, we can't do our makeup. Don't comment, just move along.

Don't complain when we talk about our kids a lot.

We're proud of our tiny humans. We want to share it with the world.

If our kids act up in public, we know it's annoying.

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We can't always control what they do. Have you ever tried reasoning with a toddler? It's pretty much impossible.

Just because you don't have kids, that doesn't make us different.

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We're still humans, we're still people—our whole lives aren't our kids.

Don't compare your kids to ours.

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Every child is different and has different needs. Just because "your kid would never" do something, pointing it out doesn't make other moms feel any better.

My body is my temple — even if it's not "perfect."

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This body carried a child for 9 months, and birthed that child. I'm proud of it.

Don't parent my kids.

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MY kids, MY rules.

If a conflict comes up, please inform me before any disciplinary action is taken. Each parent has their own methods for dealing with certain issues.

Please just respect our boundaries.

Sometimes we don't want to do certain things because we need a break. Just respect our requests and wishes.

Remember: being a mom is HARD.

Just... cut us some slack!

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