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'Feud' Escalates As Ryan Reynolds Calls Hugh Jackman A 'Fraud' And He Responds

Yes, it seems that the feud between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds is raging on for yet another round. When will it stop?

When one (or both of them) are dead? When we finally get that Deadpool Vs. Wolverine movie we've been dreaming about?

Eh, who knows. Just enjoy it while it lasts.

There have been legendary celebrity feuds.

Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West, Elton John vs. Madonna, David Letterman vs. Jay Leno, Bette Davis vs. Joan Crawford.

Since the beginning of celebrities, they have been at each other's throats.

But by far the best one...

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Has to be Hugh Jackman vs Ryan Reynolds.

Not because it's particularly flamey or anything, but precisely because there's no bad blood between these two actors.

They just do it as a joke.

Remember the time they trolled John Legend for being 'Sexiest Man Alive'?

The two looked back on their own wins as classics themselves and warned Legend to watch himself.

He can't allow that to go to his head.

Or when Jackman basically dragged Reynolds to filth while he was on stage during his world tour?

He struck his classic Wolverine pose for the audience, using drumsticks as claws, and gave people the roar that we love and adore.

Reynolds responded in a hilarious birthday video to Hugh Jackman (where you can also watch the live stage clip).

The poor guy just looks so hurt, but that's what happens when you're in a feud!

Things like this will look up, Reynolds. You know that.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have been Hollywood's favorite duo for quite some time now.

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It's easy to become friends in Hollywood considering everyone knows each other, but they also worked together, solidifying their relationship.

The two debuted their friendship on "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."

The two of them worked together as rivals for the entire film, even having a final battle sequence together. That had some issues, but was ultimately epic.

Deadpool and Wolverine, like Reynolds and Jackman, have always had an interesting relationship.


In the movie, it was pretty straightforward: They basically hated each other.

Logan thought Wade was annoying, and Wade straight up didn't like Logan.

In the comics, however, they have worked together and as rivals.

It's a very love-hate relationship.

Both are willing to do what other people aren't, but Wolverine sometimes has a problem with Deadpool's tactics.

All that to say: Reynolds and Jackman seem to take their characters to heart when it comes to their rivalry.

They love each other, of course, but the two are not afraid to pretend they actually despise each other when it comes to the art of trolling.

And although Deadpool ended up going his own way, he still allowed Jackman to appear in his 'Deadpool' film.


He wore Jackman's handsome face over his as he tried to trick his girlfriend into believing he was just that beautiful.

Nice try, Wade.

Reynolds has even taken Deadpool to the next level by appearing in Jackman's day to day life!

The star decided to crash Jackman's hotel room, because honestly, why not?

Poor guy was just trying to record a birthday message.

This new feud comes from one that happened only a few days before.

Hugh Jackman had posted this photo, dissing Ryan Reynolds' new movie.

He basically, with the photo, called it a failure because it starred Reynolds instead of himself.

So why are we talking so much about Wolverine and Deadpool specifically, you might be wondering?

Well, those two characters have once again made their way into the feud that has escalated.

Let's dive in.

Ryan Reynolds' response was one of fury and hilarity.

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He commented on the photo, and didn't take very long to take matters into his own hands.

After all, what kind of feud would it be if he didn't respond?

In another response to the tweet, Ryan used some art from the same supplier in which he took over Jackman's role in "The Greatest Showman."

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And as you can see, the artist even plugged his gin company into the photo, which was just an amazing move.

But no, it doesn't stop there.

The most recent punchline following this has been delivered.

While doing press for his new movie, 6 Underground, Ryan Reynolds went on Today Show Australia to talk about both the film and his rival.

"He's just an evil person," the actor said. "I mean, you guys have all been duped. You think he's this benevolent ambassador to your country. People don't realize he's from Winnipeg, Canada."

And Jackman, of course, responded.

And are you seeing this, people? Deadpool around Wolverine's claw? This could be the teaser we've all been waiting for...

Disney, you own both properties. Just do it for Deadpool 3.