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Nashville Bar Turns Its Rooftop Into A Holiday Haven With Giant Heated Snow Globes

If you've always wondered what it would be like to enjoy a drink (or two) inside a giant snow globe, then you need to put this Nashville bar on your bucket list because it's going to make all your Christmas dreams come true.

Bobby Hotel's rooftop bar provides thirsty customers with their very own personal heated snow globes to get both roasty and toasty in the best way possible.

The enclosed private globes comfortably fit eight friends, though the bar says it'll allow for up to 10 to squeeze inside.

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Once you're in your snow-less igloo, you can expect to find tables, chairs, pillows, and an electric "wood burning" stove to make for the comfiest rooftop drinking experience.

Oh, and if the whole scene wasn't already festive enough, the bar plays classic Christmas movies in the background to really put you in the holiday mood.

If snow globes aren't really your thing, this roof top winter wonderland also features two cedar cabins.

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Six friends can party it up inside these cabins, which feature all the same amenities as the snow globes but with a little more privacy.

If you and your friends are hitting Nashville this holiday season, definitely visit this rooftop Nordic Winter Village.

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But keep in mind that you and your party have to reserve your igloo or cabin ahead of time, so make sure you go to the bar's website to book your perfect holiday drinking haven before it's too late!

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