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Woman Uses Fitbit To Catch Cheating Ex And Inspires Others To Share Their Stories

The Fitbit is a common piece of tech in today's society, as it allows you to hate yourself for not achieving your fitness goals in real time! However, one Fitbit managed to cause quite the stir in one particular household after one was used to spot infidelity!

The story was released on Twitter where it quickly went viral.

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For those who don't know, a Fitbit tracks a person's activity levels, and can be a great way to monitor how many calories you are burning, and what your heart rate is at.

You can also sync up your Fitbit to someone else's.

This allows you to team up with a friend or loved one to compare your progress and cheer each other on.

One Fitbit recently revealed a little more than just the amount of calories one boyfriend was burning.

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NFL reporter Jane Slater took to Twitter to share a story of how she had been bought a Fitbit for Christmas by her previous boyfriend.

The couple had synced up their devices so that they could bond over their interest in health and fitness.

Instagram | janeashleyslater

(I'm assuming that's what it was for, I'm much more for bonding over wine and fast food.)

However, the Fitbit did the opposite of bonding the two together.

Slater wrote that she noticed an unusual spike in her boyfriend's heart rate.

However, it wasn't just the unusual rise in heart rate that had aroused her suspicions, it was the strange hour that the increase in "activity" had been noted, 4am.

Call me crazy, but 4am isn't the usual time I think about going for a jog.

Slater also joked that she quickly realised he wasn't at a late night fitness class.

The boyfriend in question was late coming home on the evening before his birthday, prompting Slater to call him. The boyfriend avoided the calls; however, his Fitbit said more than he ever could!

The story quickly exploded across the internet.

Instagram | janeashleyslater

Slater's tweet quickly racked up over 40,000 retweets, and over 400,000 likes!

She also shared another incredible break up story not long after.

Instagram | janeashleyslater

"I also had a guy get drunk and bring another girl home forgetting I was spending the night there. We were set to go to church the next morning and I stayed in to get sleep. I could write a book."

Slater's story inspired others to share their own similar experiences.

The fact that people could monitor how long the person's heart rate was elevated for, also provided people with some ammunition which they quickly fired!

In fact, pointing out the duration of people's affairs was far from rare.

Being cheated on is a uniquely painful experience, and it can be hard to trust people again after such an experience. Thankfully, this person wrote in response to another tweet that they are now doing much better and in a more positive place.

Slater also responded to a few of the stories herself.

The fact of her having planned a birthday surprise for him and waiting for him with balloons really makes this a special case. It really is heartbreaking.

People also pointed out that Fitbits have been used in even more serious cases, including murder.

Fitbits being used in a legal trial is not an isolated occurrence. There have actually been multiple instances of Fitbits being used as evidence in trials.

One such case was back in April of 2018, George Burch was convicted of the murder of Nicole VanderHeyden.

Unsplash | Andres Urena

During the trial, Burch's defence had attempted to shift the blame onto Nicole's boyfriend Douglass Detrie.

However, Detrie's Fitbit was used to show that he was asleep during the time of the murder.

There were also those who shared similar instances of cheating partners being caught out.

I'd say that the guy in that story is very unlucky, but really he shouldn't have been cheating on his partner in the first place!

A lot of people offered their support for Slater following the story.

No matter how hard she was pushed, Slater also refused to identify the person in the story. That is a very noble move, as the Twitterverse would have ripped that man to shreds!

There were also those who said they would be using this technique to monitor their partners!

Other responses included the likes of, "Every female who reads this is about to get their man a fit bit."

There were also those who pointed out that this simply highlights the dangers of fitness: "This is exactly why I refuse to exercise."

Thankfully, it seems like Slater is now able to laugh about this!

At least she is able to see the bizarre and slightly humorous side of the story now, and is able to appreciate that she is bettter off without being in a relationship with such a toxic person.

Hopefully this isn't something that has happened to you!

I can imagine there will a few people curious to check their partners Fitbit after reading this story. However, for most of us, any activity at 4am will just be the standard getting embarrassingly out of breath when simply trying to walk down to get a glass of water in the night. Christ I need to get back the gym!

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