7+ Lazy Organization Solutions To Get Life In Order

I'm one of those people who takes organization to the next level. You may call me uptight if you want, I'm totally okay with it. LOL! Having said that, I don't have hours to spare to devote to this task.

Therefore, I usually look for easy and quick ways to ensure my stuff is well organized with minimal effort. So if you're like me, I bet you'll appreciate these cool hacks.

1. Bobby Pin Storage Hack


A cool idea to keep all those loose bobby pins in one place is to store them in an empty Tic Tac container like this.

2. Trash Bag Trick

Color Me Domestic

It's really annoying when that heavy trash bag keeps slipping out of your garbage bin. So, just secure it using binder clips. This is so helpful.

3. Drink Tab Hanger Hack


This trick is perfect for those with limited space in their closet. Instead of hanging separate hangers, just use drink tabs to stack items.

4. Create Non-Slip Hangers

One Good Thing By Jillee

I hate when clothes fall off my hangers, but now I can just use rubber bands, pipe cleaners, or hot glue to remedy this problem.

5. Use Magazine Files For Storage


What a cool way to store those loose veggies like potatoes and onions. This idea will also save you so much space.

6. Implement This Hook Solution


Finding ways to store all those lids from pots and pans can be challenging. So that's why I'm totally digging this cool storage hooks solution.

7. Add Drawers To Deep Cabinets


It can be hard to reach stuff if you have very deep cabinets. So instead of struggling, just use drawers like these instead.

8. Hang All Your Tanks On One Hanger


You can easily implement this system by using shower curtain rings. I dunno why I haven't thought of doing this yet.

9. Use Bread Tabs


Speaking of cables, these days we've got lots of them, and it's hard to tell them apart. This way, you'll know exactly which one is which.

10. Store Jewelry In An Ice Cube Tray

Yesterday On Tuesday

No more treasure hunts searching for that missing earring or other small jewelry. Just use an ice cube tray to store them.

11. Use The Hanging Method To Store Frozen Veggie Bags


Instead of taking up space by laying them flat, you can hang them up with clips just like this. Genius!

12. Store Buttons On Safety Pins


I've got so many loose buttons all over my drawers, so I really need to use this simple and effective hack instead.

13. Use Toilet Paper Roll Holders For Cable Organizing


Don't throw away all those empty toilet paper holders, make use of them! I can't think of a better solution.

14. Keep Your Earbuds In A Glasses Case

Sassy Modern Mom

I had to invest in getting a special case to keep my earbuds and all the cables, but I could've just used this instead.

15. Add Dividers To Your Drawers


Adding dividers to all your drawers will easily help you organize stuff a lot more efficiently. Do it, it's worth it in the end.

16. Use Glass Jars To Store Stuff


If you buy something in a jar, don't throw it away afterwards. Reuse it to store things like spices, sugar, or pasta.

17. Mark Your Cords With Washi Tape

Life Lipstick And Lattes

This is especially useful for your phone's charger, so you can always know which one is yours out of everyone else's.

18. Use A Calendar For Organizing


I know this might seem like an old-fashioned way, but trust me, it's so good. Especially if you're a visual person like me.

19. Use Cable Ties To Keep Stuff Neat


Those nifty cable ties have so many purposes. You can use them to keep all those home entertainment cables nice and tidy.

20. Use Wicker Baskets For Storage


This works best for all those awkwardly shaped items like sheet pans and cutting boards. Just get a cute wicker basket from Ikea.

21. Use Muffin Tins To Store Small Items


OMG, why haven't I thought of this cool idea? You can get a muffin tin from a dollar store. This is genius.

22. Store Tupperware Lids In Cereal Boxes


Here's another brilliant idea. Just cut open those empty cereal boxes so you can store all those pesky Tupperware lids in them. Ha!

All these organizing hacks are totally doable even if you're super lazy.

Or, if you just don't have time or funds for fancy storage solutions. After all, they work.