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Nicole Kidman Says She Has Conversations With Her Daughters About Sexual Misconduct

Nicole Kidman had dropped a bombshell on her kids.

But, thankfully, it's a good one.

The Bombshell actress just revealed that she teaches her kids about sexual misconduct so that they are well-prepared for adulthood.

In addition to being an Oscar-winning actress, Nicole Kidman is also a wife and mother of four!

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She's been married to country singer and fellow Aussie, Keith Urban, since 2006.

Together, they have two daughters, Sunday Rose, 11, and Faith Margaret, 8.

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She also has two adopted children, Isabella, 26, and Connor, 24, from her previous marriage to Tom Cruise.

Being the devoted mother that she is, Nicole will do whatever it takes to prepare her young ones for adulthood.

Even if it means discussing difficult subjects, such as sexual misconduct in the workplace.

After all, this subject is heavily played out in her new movie, "Bombshell" where she plays Gretchen Carlson from "Fox & Friends."

The film tells the important story of the female Fox News employees who brought down CEO Roger Ailes by coming forward with sexual harassment claims.

Along with Kidman, it stars Charlize Theron as anchor Megyn Kelly and Margot Robbie as a Fox News worker.

The role has done a lot of good for Kidman, including inspiring her to discuss sexual misconduct with her daughters.

She recently spoke to "People" all about this at the "Bombshell" premiere in Beverly Hills this past Tuesday.

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She began by saying that these are conversations she's already having in her household.

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“I have already ventured into those topics but in a very … you know, when you deal with young girls and what’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate, and having the right to say ‘no,’ and having the self-esteem and all of those things."

“Those things are already being embedded in my little girls,” she said.

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With this kind of important lesson being taught, she's doing parenting right.

It's probably more well-received by her kids than some of her other parenting methods...

That's because the actress revealed last year that she has some strict parenting methods that are "unpopular" with her kids.

“They don’t have a phone and I don’t allow them to have an Instagram,” she told "Vanity Fair."

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“I try to keep some sort of boundaries.”

She also revealed that she and husband Keith Urban are raising the girls in a very religious household.

“That’s how we are raising our children. Keith has his own beliefs but he comes [to church] too. I had a very Catholic grandmother, and I was raised praying, so that had massive impact," she said.

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"I wouldn’t say it’s absolutism, there’s constant questioning – I’m a willful, feisty girl. For me it’s very important that I don’t have judgment. My dad would always say, ‘Tolerance is the most important thing’.”

Nicole's role in "Bombshell" isn't the first time she's had a role centered around assault.

In her Golden Globe-nominated role on HBO's Big Little Lies, her character dealt firsthand with domestic abuse.

Taking on these kind of roles comes with a bigger purpose than just a paycheck.

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She also hopes to shed a light on these difficult subjects.

“I think that a lot of times with this subject matter that it’s so insidious that a lot of people don’t realize how it’s happening or why it’s happening or that it’s happening,” she said.

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“So hopefully these stories help to bring it out into the conversation, but also the realizations.”

She continued:

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"I just think that that’s why we tell the stories and it’s so wonderful when you’re in films that actually bring out conversation and bring out people’s opinions and make people either angry or upset or emotional or all of those things.”

Bombshell hits theatres on December 13!