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14+ Funny Things Pet Owners Don't Consider Weird, But Definitely Are

Animals are cute and loving and wonderful and really freaking weird. We like to think we understand them, but at best, it's an educated guess.

Still, that doesn't stop those who love their pets from getting a bit weird themselves. I mean, I'm one of those people that talks to my dogs like they can be reasoned with, so I get it.

Reading Human Expressions In Pet Faces

Twitter | @Audreyrosenstei

I mean, that dog isn't really just chilling there gloating like a naughty toddler watching mom clean up after them, but it totally looks like it.

Stopping To Snap A Pic Before Solving The Problem

Twitter | @reddibot

Is the cat in the cast iron pan? Is it going to be next to impossible to get the cat hair out without ruining the pan's seasoning? Yep and yep.

But it's already done, so may as well get a pic.

So Many Nicknames

Sure, kids get nicknames a lot too, but they tend to settle on something pretty quickly. Not animals. There may be a name on their collar, but that's really a formality.

Making Up Songs

I don't even like to sing normally, but my boys often end up getting sung their instructions.

🎵 It's time to go outside and poo, do do do do.... 🎵

Playing Pranks

Once we know what our pets will react to, be it a certain noise or whatever, we will attempt to repeat the hilarity at every possible opportunity.

Random Musings

Personally, I like to think that whenever I open a door my dogs can't, they believe I'm a wizard. My magic is in my opposable thumbs.

Every Nap Is A Photo Op

It's hard to say whether cute sleeping photos are more important than crazy sleeping photos, so we just have to take pics of all kinds.

Shaming Them On Social Media

Why is this cat chasing its tail on the toilet? Who knows, but give the cat a little privacy, won't you?

Random Pantomime

Twitter | @barkleyandwagz

Is it the exact same kibble I put down five minutes ago?

Yes, but they seem to think it's new, fancy kibble just because I pretended to add random seasoning to it. As long as they eat it, I'm fine with the charade.

Taking Craft Time Too Far

Reddit | Haarhus

Is this the most adorable thing I've seen on the internet today? Yes, but I can also admit that it's weird for a person to put so much work into a tiny kissing booth for their rodent friend.

Sleepy Time Tickles

I totally do this to my one dog when he sleeps. He always twitches so cutely!

At least, until he wakes up, gives me a dirty look, and then moves to finish his nap somewhere else.

But Also Refusing To Disturb Them

Instagram | @oliveandtsiku

I may tickle their feet when they're asleep by the window, but my bladder had better be about to burst before I would dare move them from my lap.

Getting Pet Tattoos

Reddit | nia_sun

Is this any weirder than getting a lover's name or face tattooed on you? I'd argue it's less weird, because the pet's less likely to break your heart.

Watching Silly Animal Videos On Repeat

I could watch this little bird fail to drink from a straw ALL DAY. Is it time perhaps better spent getting work done?

Yes, but joke's on you because watching videos like this is my job!

Cheering Them On, While Hoping For Failure

The camera wasn't recording this cat in hopes of a successful jump. It was to catch the inevitable failure.

Being Excited When They're Excited

It's possible that this dog was just reacting to a familiar voice or even just the presumably excited tone of the caller, but we want to believe they are as happy to FaceTime with us as we are with them.

Writing Pet Poetry

Reddit | karragoss

Maybe it's just because it's cute or because we're trying to make a mess a little less upsetting, but animal poetry is a fad I am happy to get behind.

Playing Dress-Up

Like humans, not every dog can fit into the "standard" sizing for clothing. But you definitely do a cute photoshoot before returning it for a larger size.

Playing Dress-Up, Part Two

Yeah, I can't even come up with a rational excuse for this. It's too weird.

But the dog doesn't seem to mind, so that's something.

Messing With Fetch

Dogs may love it, but throwing a ball over and over isn't much fun for their human. So of course we do things like faking throws or using snowballs that are uncatchable.

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