'Home Alone' Is Actually Connected To 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'

Yes, it's hard to believe that these two seemingly completely unrelated movies are connected in some way.

What's next? Jurassic Park secretly being connected to Tron? Will Pride And Prejudice actually be connected to The Empire Strikes Back?

What is this cinematic universe, and how do I get off this wild ride?

Alright, before we get started...


Home Alone is the story of Kevin McCalister being left behind by his parents, and having to spend the holidays Home Alone.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off is about a young man named Ferris Bueller getting the day off.

Pretty self explanatory when you think about it.


But as you can see, these two movies could not be any more different (besides the fact that they both have titles that explain the plot and are both written by John Hughes).

But did you know they were connected?


Yeah, but not in the "Kevin McCalister is secretly Cam when he was younger", kind of way.

In the "Hollywood is pretty cheap so they tend to use the same places over and over again" kind of way.

Recognize this school?


Sure you do, it's not only Ferris Bueller's high school, but it's also the place where they built replicas of the McCalister house to shoot some of the indoor scenes.

There you have it, folks.