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8+ Creative Nail Designs That Tell A Story

I used to always paint my nails when I was younger. Now I just go au naturel, but I still find nail designs so interesting. Recently I came across a cool trend that really intrigued me.

It's basically nails painted in a way that tell a story. It's a continuous design that expands all across the nails. It looks so cool and unique you absolutely need to check it out.

1. This City Theme

Wow, what a great homage to a city you love. That is totally cool and it was created using the stamping technique. I love this theme.

2. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Ha, ha, ha, I used to love to play that game. Even when I didn't have a boyfriend. This brings back memories.

3. This Leaf Motif

Check out this video that shows you exactly how you can accomplish this awesome nail design. Looks easy but I bet it totally isn't.

4. These Birds

If these nails could move. Oh wait, they do if you animate the video. Ha, ha. This is such a neat way of continuing the design.

5. This "Harry Potter" Scene

Wowza, talk about creating a real scene here. These nails are unbelievable. I never would have thought of doing something like that. Totally amazing.

6. This "Jurassic Park" Inspo

Oh my, if this doesn't look animated enough for you I dunno what does. I feel like the dinosaur is really chasing them. Hee, hee.

7. These "Thriller" Nails

Talk about an awesome job doing themed nail art. This Thriller design is totally taking me back to the '80s. Love the detail here too.

8. This Love Theme

Oh, how sweet is this nail design? A little bit sad but so creative. I really dig this color scheme as well. So well thought out.

9. This Christmas Theme

How timely is this cool design? You can totally get something like this done right in time for the holidays. This is super cute.

10. This Cherub Design

Ha, ha, ha, this is so adorable. I dunno if I would ever wear this design but it definitely is so unique and totally playful.

11. This Moschino-Inspired Style

If you're a fan of Moschino you'll truly appreciate this nail art. I bet this was so much fun to create. Such a neat idea.

12. This Disney Theme

Isn't this absolutely adorable? I love how you get to see Mickey and Minnie in their holiday gear. What a cool and festive nail art design.

13. These Candy Canes

Speaking of holiday design inspos, here's another awesome idea. I would be so happy to get this done on my nails this holiday season. So pretty.

I never would have thought of doing a continuous nail design across all the nails like this.

I have to say this is such a cool idea. Loving it.

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