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You Can Buy Ugly Baby Yoda Christmas Socks, And Festive They Are

Baby Yoda couldn't have come at a better time of year. Just when you were about to give up on figuring out what to get people for the holidays, in swoops Baby Yoda to save Christmas with all the merch out there of the baby alien.

People couldn't care less that the last 'Star Wars' movie is coming out this December, because Baby Yoda, from the Disney+ show 'The Mandalorian' has stolen everyone's hearts.

I mean, just look at him!

Now you can wear him on your feety-toes to keep you warm this winter.

Etsy | SocksOnShop

Etsy seller SocksOnShop is selling these adorable "ugly" Christmas Baby Yoda socks, and we'll take the lot, thanks.

I didn't think Baby Yoda could get any more adorable, but I guess I was wrong.

Etsy | SocksOnShop

Get them for $21.25 before they're sold out!

The Star Wars fans in your life will appreciate you forever with a gift like this.

This "ugly" Baby Yoda Christmas sweater is the perfect pairing, if you wanted to gift a whole outfit.

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And if you choose to purchase them yourself, you'll be sure to win the ugly Christmas sweater contest, for sure.

Find it for $35.32 on Etsy.

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