Hugh Jackman Trolled Ryan Reynolds' New Movie And He Responded

The feud between these two guys has escalated from hilarious to legendary. The two of them are such great friends that they constantly take time out of their busy schedules to rip on each other.

Usually, it's for promotional material, other times it's just to mess with the other person.

The two major Hollywood stars worked together on 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine," and since then they've been best friends.

They have made a name for themselves not only as actors, but as two men who have this ridiculous feud with one another.

It's all in good fun, and it's always hilarious.

We all know about the Jackman/Reynolds feud, right?

It's a tale as old as time, a song as old as rhyme.

Or, at least as old as social media.

The two big-time actors have been jokingly poking fun at each other for many years now.

Let's take a trip down memory lane before we show you their newest troll session.

My personal favorite is when Jackman got Jake Gyllenhaal involved in the prank.

They had a small Christmas get together, in which they made sure Reynolds was the only one who showed up in Christmas attire.

There was the time that Jackman was promoting "The Wolverine" and Reynolds decided to chime in.

Twitter | @RealHughJackman

Reynolds pointing out that the fans are protesters, in what we can only assume is a super dry voice, is just hilarious.

Probably not to Jackman, but oh well.

Of course, we can't forget the moment where Reynolds trolled him in the 'Deadpool' movie.


Wearing the handsome Jackman paper mask over his face as he tried to avoid having his girlfriend look at his features.

Then there was the time they trolled John Legend for being the 'Sexiest Man Alive'.

Jackman posted a video on his Instagram in which he and Reynolds were looking at his own cover.

They congratulated John, but informed him to make sure the power doesn't go to his head.

And of course, the famous commercial where Jackman wastes Reynolds' Gin.

Which, needless to say, was just such a classic.

The commercial was hilarious, smart, and just fueled people's love of their friendship and rivalry.

And now, we've reached yet another installment.


We know that Ryan Reynolds is coming out with a new movie called Free Guy, about an NPC in a video game coming to life (so to speak) and trying to save the video game world.

In response to this, Hugh Jackman posted this picture.

He is implying with this Instagram post that he would be so much better for the role, or at least his version of the movie would sell better.

Notice the artist he used was Karthik_NJ...

The initial response to Jackman's post was Ryan Reynolds losing his mind.

But Reynolds was quick to get on the train of trolling with a photoshopped image of his own.

Because that's what pranking is all about, really.

Ryan Reynolds posted this picture:

Instagram | Karthik_NJ

Ryan used the same artist!

Not only is it a parody of Hugh Jackman's The Greatest Showman movie, but it's also an ad for Ryan Reynolds' Aviation Gin!

Wow, killing two birds with one stone. Efficient!