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Young Mom Who Got Pregnant At 14 Graduates University With Daughter By Her Side

When Rachael Campey tweeted out a photo of herself holding hands with her six-year-old as she graduated from university, her story would shatter the stigma surrounding young moms.

By bravely sharing her story, this young mom has prompted other moms to share their own experiences of how they stopped at nothing to get their education.

Being pregnant and becoming a mom is challenging no matter how old you are.

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Becoming a mom when you're a teen presents its own set of challenges, though. In many cases, these young moms are just starting to figure out life for themselves and suddenly have to support a child with its own needs.

One young woman is sharing her inspiring story to provide hope to any other moms out there in a similar situation.

Rachael Campey from Leeds, United Kingdom, was only 14-years-old when she welcomed her daughter, Lily-Rose, to the world.

In a tweet that's now gone viral, Rachael said she promised her daughter to work "non-stop" for her when she discovered she was pregnant.

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She wanted to give her daughter the "best childhood" she could.

It's been a long road for both Rachael and Lily-Rose, but six years after making her promise, Rachel graduated from Leeds University.

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Rachael received a degree in counseling psychology with her daughter by her side.

Now 21-years-old, Rachael said its took "7/8 education systems" and "countless jobs" to get to this point.

Twitter | @RachaelCampey

There's no doubt that Rachael kept her promise of working non-stop in order to celebrate this milestone with her daughter.

Since sharing her story online, a number of other women who became moms at young age have shared their own inspiring experiences.

This mom, who also had her first child when she was a teenager, congratulated Rachael on her achievement and said that she also finished her degree after becoming a mom.

This young mom shared her own graduation picture with her daughter in a thread on Rachael's tweet.

Now, this mom is working on her Master's degree. Moms can really do it all, can't they?

This mom said her graduation picture features her "holding a toddler, not a scroll".

Thanks to Rachael's tweet, young moms who pulled through in order to finish their education have an opportunity to share their uplifting stories. Never doubt what a mom can achieve when she sets her mind to something.

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