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Norbert The Dog Just Wants To Give Everyone The Cutest High Five

Can I share a secret? I did not want to get out of bed this morning. In fact, I was regretting forcing myself to be a grown-up all through my commute and walking from the parking lot in the freezing darkness and even as I booted up my computer.

But then I saw the incredible, silly smile of this doggo named Norbert and everything was okay again.

I mean, Norbert's little tongue would have been enough, but he also gives high fives!

Instagram | @norbertthedog

At only seven inches tall and three pounds of fluff, Norbert is the tiniest little ray of sunshine.

He was the only puppy in his litter, which is really unusual for dogs, and there is still some question about his actual breed.

He's definitely part Chihuahua, but different DNA tests have bee inconclusive about what that's been mixed with. Yorkshire Terrier, Lhasa Apso, Cairn Terrier, and even just Small Poodle have all been possibilities.

Little Norbert is also a registered therapy dog.

Instagram | @norbertthedog

His mom Julie trained him herself and he passed all the tests by the time he was a year old. Now he's just turned 10 and he's still bringing joy to everyone he meets.

I could watch him high-five in slow motion over and over again.

He's also starred in an award-winning series of children's books that showcase how he helps people, even though he's so tiny, and encourages children to do the same.

Norbert recently had surgery to remove a benign tumor from one of his legs.

Instagram | @norbertthedog

It's scary for any animal to face that, but he's now recovered and back to being the bestest little doggo ever.

You can follow him on Instagram @nortbertthedog

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