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Fans Are Applauding Jill Duggar For Sporting Leather Leggings On Instagram

Fans are applauding Counting On star, Jill Duggar, for wearing a pair of faux leather leggings in a recent Instagram photo she shared.

Jill Duggar took to Instagram late last month, sharing a series of photos with her co-star and cousin, Amy [Duggar] King.

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The photos are adorable, but fans can't help but notice one shining detail...

It's no secret that the Duggar family has some strict policies.

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Throughout the years, their family has been very candid about the religious guidelines that they follow.

They are devout independent Baptists, and as such, there are strict rules.

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For instance, their father, Jim Bob, must approve of all courtships.

The Duggar women are urged to give their husbands whatever they want.


The mom, Michelle, said: "You always need to be available when he calls," regarding the role of a Duggar wife.

The children are allegedly not allowed to speak to anyone who has had sex outside of marriage.

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As the Duggars are very adamant that sex shouldn't be had before marriage, they don't want their children being influenced by those outside the faith.

All dates must be chaperoned.


None of the 19 children, no matter their age, are allowed to go on a date without supervision.

If neither of the parents can chaperone the date, the responsibility falls on one of their siblings.

They are not allowed to have social media until they are engaged.

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This is Jim Bob and Michelle's way of protecting their children from any outside temptations that the internet may offer.

Which brings us to the most important rule: The Duggar women must dress modestly.

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It is preferred that they wear maxi or midi length dresses and skirts instead of pants, and of course, shorts and mini skirts are highly frowned upon.

As well, tank tops, halter tops, tube tops, and sleeveless tops are all prohibited.

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Because if we learned anything from our middle school's dress code, it's that apparently, shoulders are the most erotic body part, amirite?!

So, it's always refreshing to see a member of their family loosen up and wear what they really want.

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Jill Duggar wearing leather leggings is a perfect example of that.

While she was still dressed conservatively by most standards, fans applauded Jill for personalizing her style.

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Fans were happy to see her enjoying herself and not worrying so much about her family's dress code.

Some fans are relieved that many of the Duggar women have started wearing pants instead of only long skirts and dresses.

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Having a bit of variety is always a good thing. Gotta keep those outfit options open, ladies!

One of life's simple pleasures is getting to be your own stylist.

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And by the looks of it, Jill Duggar is finally seizing that opportunity and doing it well if I do say so myself!

Fans just couldnt seem to get enough of Jill's outfit.

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For someone that was sheltered from different styles for so much of her life, she's certainly catching on quick!

Kudos to Jill for taking control of her wardrobe. She is serving us looks in those leather leggings!

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Let us know what you think of Jill Duggar's black leggings and bergundy sweater combo!