Prince From 'Aladdin' Gets Spinoff Right After Mena Massoud Admits He Can't Find Work

Well, this is unfortunate timing. After the star of the movie that Prince was in started complaining about how he can't find work, they literally gave that random Prince some work.

Coincidence? I mean, probably. That is of course unless they have some really sick sense of humor over there at Disney headquarters.

So recently the star of 'Aladdin' came out with some troubling news.


The young man from Markham, Ontario, Canada has come out and said that he's had some trouble finding work ever since he starred in the billion-dollar movie.

Which is a shame, because really, he gave an amazing performance in Aladdin.

People have felt for him, but no one was really "outraged" because it's not the first time that this has happened to someone.


That just tends to be the nature of the Hollywood business.

However, outrage started recently when a new TV development came out about the film and Disney+.

When people found out that another Prince from Aladdin was getting a spinoff.


Billy Magnussen, the man who played the role of Prince Anders (the prince who tries to woo Jasmine before Aladdin) is going to get his own spinoff series on Disney+.

So yeah, the white guy who barely had a role is getting a spinoff instead of Aladdin himself.

And people were really upset about it (and rightfully so).

Most of the people on Twitter (or anywhere really) are saying the same thing.

Plus, let's face it, the news didn't break at a great moment either.

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