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Turn Your Walls Into One Giant Scented Sticker With Scratch-And-Sniff Wallpaper

Remember scratch-and-sniff stickers? It was a genius way for teachers to soften the blow of bad grades, and I'll tell ya, it worked. You think I was caring about that C- when I had a sticker that smelled like strawberry and said "good" on it?

Everyone's winning with scratch-and-sniff wallpaper!

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It's brought to you by the innovators and designers behind the upscale craft wallpaper company Flavor Paper.

They have four different wallpaper scents at the moment including three fruit smelling ones: banana, cherry, and citrus.

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They're all handscreened in different colors that suit your style flavor.

They also run for various prices, albeit on the higher end for all of them. The smallest roll of the cherry print runs for $200, for the banana $400, and the citrus fruits $270.

They're even making moves in the world of weed with their Cannabliss wallpaper.

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The motif is quite classy and Victorian-inspired, only revealing itself as a marijuana leaf upon closer inspection.

"[W]e have nailed a very pleasant yet dank scent that is made from true flowering hemp terpenes to ensure we’re keeping it real," reads the description.

You can stay classy and grassy, am I right?

I'll stop.

Flavor Paper is truly turning rooms into giant scratch-and-sniff stickers, and it's a dose of nostalgia we didn't know we needed.

Which scent would you wrap your room in? Let us know in the comments!