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Carrie Underwood Shares Her Best Advice To Working Moms Everywhere

American Idol alum and country music star, Carrie Underwood, recently shared her best advice on being a mother, wife, and having a demanding career, in an interview with Buzzfeed.

As you may know, Carrie Underwood, married to NHL player, Mike Fisher, is a mother to two boys, Isaiah, 4, and Jacob, 10 months.

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While being a mother to two young boys is a full-time job on its own, Carrie is also a country music megastar.

On top of that, she is also a businesswoman. She owns an athletic clothing company called, Calia by Carrie.

It goes without saying, but she has a lot on her plate.

In a recent interview, Carrie opened up about what it's like to be a working mom and offered her personal advice to other working moms out there.

She started by revealing that she actually brought her 10-month-old son with her on tour earlier this year.

"He's was about three months old when we went on the road," she said.

"We juggled and managed. It was really hard, but it was good,"

Closer to the beginning of her tour, Carrie mentioned on the "Today" show, just how exhausting it was to be on tour with her children.

"Going out on the road with a 3-month-old... I'm tired," she confessed.

"But I mean, how many people get to take their children to work with them?"

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"I feel like moms put a lot of pressure on themselves to have it all together," she continued.

"And know everything and plan for everything and you just ... it's impossible," she added.

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I can't even imagine how taxing it would be to blur the lines between work and home.

She went on to explain how she feels all mothers have somewhat of an unspoken understanding when it comes to the struggles of being a mom.

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"I feel like we all have our own challenges and struggles, it's just different for each person. But we are all stretched. Right?"

"We are all stressed out and always trying to make the best of everything."

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But she believes that by maintaining the perfect balance between working and being a mom, she's setting the best possible example for her sons.

"I feel like Isaiah and Jacob are going to grow up and hopefully be like, 'Man, mom was still mom, but she did what she loved as well.'"

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"I feel like that's the best way to set an example for them."

"As working moms, we have to do the best we can, and cut ourselves some slack," she said.

Last year, while she was pregnant with Jacob, Carrie also opened up about managing motherhood and work.

"I mean, I'm a working mom, working wife, same as all the other ones out there," she said.

"My job's kinda weird. But you just figure your way through it, and women, we ladies are good at that."

"I'm honored to get to hold some pretty incredible titles," she admitted. "Mom is definitely one of them."

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She went on to say how proud she is that her children get to watch her success as a musician.

"And I'm just excited. I'm excited that they get to see their mom do that."

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"And see me onstage, and hopefully I can be an inspiration to my children and to other working moms out there, because we got this!"

I always loved Carrie, but I certainly have a new-found respect for her after hearing just how hard she's working to be a good mom with such a demanding career.

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What do you think of Carrie Underwood's advice to working moms everywhere?