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Fan Makes 'Home Alone' Booby Traps Video At Home To Show The Dangers

Well... I mean, that had to have been at least a little bit obvious. Considering they involved live tarantulas, doorknobs that would give someone second-degree burns and bbs to the face.

So yeah... if you're trying to get revenge on someone or trying to get robbers out of your house, just call the police.

Let's talk about 'Home Alone'.

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It's a great Christmas classic, fun for the whole family, and has us roaring with laughter.

It's also a movie with tons of pranks and traps. Do you remember the ones that Kevin McCallister set up?

They were pretty brutal, or at least they looked like they hurt.

And recently, VSauce did a video about them.

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Entitled "Could You Survive Home Alone?" and it focuses on whether or not the average human being could live through some of Kevin's most outrageous traps.

And the results... probably won't surprise you.

A lot of that stuff would have killed Harry and Marv.

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The fire to the head would have burned through his skull. The paint cans could have taken Marv's head off.

And the crowbar? Could have punctured Harry's heart or lungs.

But hey, that's movie magic, I guess.

Here's the video:

And it's as brutal as you might imagine.

Jesus, that Kevin kid is pretty lucky this is a movie, or else he might be in some serious trouble for murder!

Have you ever tried making one of the movie's booby traps? Let us know below in the comments!