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Fans Are Concerned For Britney Spears After 'Troubling' Insta Post

Look, Britney Spears has every right to be poppin' off on social media. She is a queen, and queens can do whatever they want!

If you're not following Brit Brit on social media, you're missing out on the most iconic account of our time.

Bikini fashion shows? Absolutely.

Who can forget this iconic wedgie pick?

We love biking Brit!

However, Britney's last Insta video has fans concerned for their fav songstress:

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"Wearing a sundress in December lol," Britney wrote under the post.

The comments were filled with concern from fans.

Instagram | @britneyspears

"This is troubling A.F." one fan wrote.

Of course, some fans came to Brit's defence: "Y'all really need a hobby... making fun of her looks, her style, calling her all sorts of names.. let her have fun. She has always posted these kinds of videos. She’s beautiful and y'all are insecure."

Instagram | @britneyspears

"i love her for her. period." wrote another fan.

Brit responded to the negativity with another video.

"Happy holidays friends !!!! I love sharing with you all ... but it’s been hard to keep wanting to share because people say the meanest things !!!" she wrote.

"If you don’t like a post...just keep it to yourself and unfollow that person !!!" Brit continued.

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"There’s no reason to ever go out of your way to make mean comments and bully people!"

"Stay happy and nice this holiday season y’all and God Bless !!!!!"


The comments have been filled with fans sticking up for their queen!

Instagram | @britneyspears

"nothin but love and appreciation for all u have done miss Britney," wrote one fan.

"Brit is one of the less pretentious artists I follow on Instagram, her account is always her being her. I love you!" wrote another.

What do you think of Britney's latest post?

Instagram | @britneyspears

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