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Gingerbread House Who? Trader Joe's Is Selling A Chocolate Christmas Tree Kit

Many families and friends love to have gingerbread house competitions, thinking they're all fun and games.

Well, they're not, and Trader Joe's is here with a delicious solution that will unite people, not tear them apart.

Let's face it: gingerbread houses are downright messy and frustrating.

They don't bring people together, they tear them apart.

Have you ever been in an unofficial gingerbread house competition? If you know, you know...

And you know what? Sorry, they don't even taste good.

The actual cookie part is usually stale, the icing tastes like glue, and the candy is a waste of sugar intake.

Yes, I'm a gingerbread house kit hater. Sue me!

Please don't, though.

Trader Joe's is here, once again, to save the holidays with their Milk Chocolate Christmas Tree Kit.

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It was spotted by @candyhunting recently, and boy are we glad!

It comes with everything a gingerbread house kit would come with, like icing and candy pieces.

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This time, the candy looks actually looks appetizing, and come on, there are star decorations for crying out loud!

While gingerbread can be a pretty contested flavor, chocolate is a pretty safe choice, so there will be no food waste here, folks!

We're not sure of the price at this moment, but the price of a delicious DIY holiday food kit?


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