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World, Meet Lulu The Adorable Six-Legged Pug Puppy

There's a particular pug puppy making every Internet go-er swoon and awe at the moment, and she's pretty unique if you ask me.

Dog Spotting Society Facebook Group member Helga Carter recently posted a picture of a pug puppy that a parent at school brought in to show everyone, and the pictures quickly gained traction.

Lulu has six legs instead of four.

Facebook | Helga Carter

"A parent at my school brought in this tiny pug named Lulu, who was totally unfazed by the large excited crowd of kids cooing over her," Carter writes. "What makes this little girl super-special is her extra two left hind legs! She uses the outer two to walk and the one in the middle just hangs there. The owners will see as she grows if they will need to amputate any or all of them."

"These extra 2 legs were possibly from an undeveloped twin that was partially absorbed by Lulu while in her mother’s womb."

Facebook | Helga Carter

"Not sure this is an overbreeding issue- may be a rare but natural occurrence?" Carter continued. "Lulu’s owner told me that typically a breeder would put a newborn pup like this down."

"Happily, this breeder put her up for adoption, since she couldn’t be sold."

"She is so sweet, very calm and affectionate, and definitely not in pain," Carter clarified. "Celebrating the specialness of this little survivor."

Obviously, people are freaking out over this cuteness.


"The only thing better than a 3 legged dog is a SIX-LEGGED DOG," writes another.

Lulu truly is something to celebrate.

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