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17+ People Who Are Here For A Laugh And Little Else

Life can be a real slog sometimes! What with the daily stress of work, finances, and keeping up to date with when Boyz 2 Men are touring near you in case you miss them again. Sometimes it can all get a little too much!

However, for some people, life is just a series of gags, a veritable playground of buffoonery for them to pass through without a care in the world. If you don't believe me, then allow me to present you with 17+ People Who Are Here For A Laugh And Little Else.

Happy Anniversary!

Reddit | Nikil_k

What people don't realize is that he made that a part of the divorce proceedings that she had to send him a pizza every year, genius.

"'Let me hold your lightsabers' he said. 'It’ll be fine' he said."

Reddit | EatPrayNub

The person who posted this confirmed that those are indeed lightsaber attachments for their prosthetic arms; truly, the most devoted Star Wars fans of them all!

The Most Serious Tattoo of All

Reddit | PoonSwoggle

Anyone who gets something like this permanently tattooed onto their body cannot be someone who takes life that seriously.

There Are No Mistakes, Just Happy Accidents!

Reddit | Alexhue123

Can you see the weird face in the rivets and the line? Did you know that pareidolia is the tendency to see shapes and face in inanimate objects or hearing hidden messages in music? Well, now you do, bet you didn't think you were gonna learn things!

"At the airport waiting to embarrass Jimmy"

Reddit | orchid_breeder

For Christ's sake Jimmy, get it together and step up to the plate! Also, I can't tell you how much anxiety it is giving me looking at the passport sticking out of the back pocket of that guy on the right.

"I always feel strange grabbing this door handle."

Reddit | somelamephotoguy

I think I would feel more uncomfortable if I was the one who had to jam the key in the lock if I'm honest.

"$120 labor not included"

Reddit | billaaalll

For puzzle fans everywhere! Give the gift of stress and small stinging cuts this Christmas!

There Was An Attempt To Be Scary

Reddit | Eric_Cartman-_-

I think that sign might just be to try and scare away potential burglars, not a warning of how dangerous their dog is. Although, it could be a trap, and this dog could really be the most evil dog of all time!

"I put eyebrows on my bag... that is all. Thank you for your time"

Reddit | Phosyrgo

I don't think I have ever related to an inanimate object more in my life than I do to that angry-looking backpack. It looks like it is about to yell at the person who just cut them off at an intersection.

Well, When You Put It That Way

Reddit | jkell1990

I'm sure Kenworth is delighted with your creative use of their name!

"My buddy’s wife got an embroidery machine, this is the first thing he made on it."


I mean, if someone gets an embroidery machine, what else are they going to make if not spindly-legged buff as hell dragons?

"French and Spanish class decorated their doors"

Reddit | sheepsleepdeep

I'm always team Feliz Navidad, which side are you on?

"Asked my husband to take a photo of me in front of an inspirational sign after my first 5k. This is what I got."


It's good that you could see the funny side of it I guess! The dog also looks absolutely in on it as well, just look at that grin!

"My sister found this little nugget at the Goodwill the other day"

Reddit | kuxiaobude

I like how they didn't monitor their pooping on the 31st, instead just writing "Halloween", as though Halloween is a holiday free from pooping.

"My daughters Christmas list I just read. I almost choked on my burger."

Reddit | stefanfection

Looks like Dad is really making an impression on this kid through their constant desire to make important sacrifices for our Lord and Saviour!

"My kids are going to be so excited on Christmas:"

Reddit | danthoms

Ah, yes, I see you have decided to get your child trust issues for Christmas! Excellent choice if I may say so myself.

"This wet floor sign at the Toronto aquarium"

Reddit | mcastre

An aquarium is one of the only places that I actually get quite unsettled by a "wet floor" sign, as it just makes me wonder what is leaking, and what escaped?

"A cat trying to attack its owner through a blanket."

Reddit | Edgar_OToole

That cat really doesn't understand that the person it is trying to attack is its food supply does it?

"Staying at a hotel. We didn’t put them there, but well done who ever did."

Reddit | Its_just_jeff

They fit so well in the picture, that it took me an embarrassing amount of time to realize what they were referring to.

The American Embassy


Ah yes, the establishment where all American ambassadors meet to discuss the political turmoil currently at play.