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12+ Times Chrissy Teigen Dragged Her Own Husband For All To See In 2019

If such a thing as "Best Troll Wife" existed, Chrissy Teigen would win it, hands down.

Basically, whenever she's not trolling her fans, critics, or, you know, Donald Trump, it's her husband John Legend who gets the brunt of her hilarious antics.

Here are 12+ times she dragged her own husband for all to see in 2019!

When she scared John on "Ellen"!

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The Voice judge was in for quite the surprise when he agreed to guest-host for Ellen on The Ellen Show.

Just watch and see!

When she joked publicly about being unfaithful:

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After Legend boasted about how much their son Miles, 1, looks like him, Teigen deemed it necessary to take his ego down a notch.

"@johnlegend it’s important to cheat with people who look like your husband," she replied after John had commented, "He is me!

When she joked about cheating again:

The cheating jokes continue!

This time, Legend was just jammin' out to music, totally unaware that Teigen was dropping some serious (but of course, fake) cheating allegations.

When he was named "People's" Sexiest Man Alive:

Chrissy may have been one proud wife when John earned the ego-boosting title, but that didn't stop her from cracking a few jokes at his expense.

Like how she bragged about officially sleeping with the "Sexiest Man Alive."

In fact, the model had so many jokes in mind that she eventually tweeted this:

Well played, Teigen!

When she trolled John with "Sexiest Man Alive" pjs:

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While people usually have dessert after Thanksgiving dinner, Teigen delivered this hilarious surprise instead.

She, along with two of their friends, surprised Legend with these custom-made pjs.

"Stunning" Legend later commented on the pic.

When she didn't approve of his sexy Christmas dance:

While a lot of people might appreciate the sexy dance Legend did before appearing on The Tonight Show Starring John Legend, Chrissy's reaction says it all.

"Sexiest man title has been a curse upon my family," she shared on Twitter.

When she joked about marriage being a chore:

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"Ok fine. I love you, baby. I love our life and our babies and you. So much. Here’s to 13 more years of doin it on the semi reg," she jokingly captioned this sweet image of the two.

When she trolled John for being the big baby that he is:

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Sure, he may not look like a baby, but it appears to be a recurring joke between the couple that he certainly acts like one at times!

When she called John out for being a big kid at heart again:

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Chrissy trolling him for being a kid should make sense since she, along with the rest of the internet, used to make fun of how much John looks like Arthur from the kids show, Arthur.

When she joked about saying "thank u, next" to John:

Ou, the shade!

Thankfully, this pair is so rock solid that they're able to joke about leaving each other.

When she recently admitted the one thing she can't stand about John:

Teigen is always upfront and honest about everything — including the struggles of marriage.

When Teigen was doing a Twitter version of AMA (Ask Me Anything), she wasn't shy to admit one of her husband's major flaws.

Speaking of scheduling, Teigen once tweeted about how things have changed in their marriage since he became a judge on "The Voice."

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She later tweeted: "If he doesn’t win we are prob separating but no pressure."

When their sixth wedding anniversary was super relatable:

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"Happy anniversary, baby!!!" Teigen captioned this hilarous image of the oh, so happy couple celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary.

They always keep things hilariously real.

When Teigen didn't handle romantic gestures all that well:

The anniversary trolling didn't stop there.

Teigen may have loved the flowers John got for her at first... that is, until it kicked in that she didn't know what to do with them.

"Our love is impeccable and impractical," Legend later responded to the video.