9+ Cleaning Products That Will Make Your Home Shine In No Time

I have to admit I'm not a fan of cleaning. Who is, really? And lately, I've been so busy that my regular cleaning schedule has fallen by the wayside. So, when I do finally find time to clean, I want it to be as quick and painless as possible.

If you're like me and want the job done fast these products should come to the rescue.

1. This Toilet Pumice Stone


If your toilet looks like this, I fear for you. LOL! But if you want it cleaned ASAP this pumice stone should do the job.

2. This Wood Polish


I have a wood kitchen table that always seems to have white spots on it. I really gotta try this product to get rid of them.

3. This Dishwasher Cleaner


Hard water can leave lots of nasty stains on your dishwasher over time, so it's imperative to clean it regularly. This cleaner really works wonders.

4. This Extendable Duster


Dusting is such a time-consuming job. If you have a lot of hard to reach places it can be so tricky. This extendable handle is so helpful.

5. This Mold And Mildew Remover


Dealing with mold and mildew in your bathroom can be so gross. This product seems to work well to fix that problem.

6. This Brush Set


If you're a little bit OCD and want your tubs and sinks to sparkle, get this super cool brush set you can attach to a drill.

7. This Cooking Top Cleaner


I never knew that cooking tops can be hard to clean. But apparently this product works much better than other similar cleaners of this type.

8. This Streak-Free Stainless Steel Polish


Stainless steel appliances do look great, but they show everything like fingertip marks and dirt. This cleaner and polish will make them shine again.

9. This Wine Stain Remover


It's always fun to have guests over for some wine and good conversation. But sometimes accidents happen and you don't want to ruin your carpet. This stain remover will come to the rescue!

10. This Pivoting Scrubber


I absolutely hate scrubbing, especially when it comes to those hard-to-reach places. So I love the idea of this pivoting scrubbing head. So genius.

11. This Non-Toxic All-Purpose Cleaner


Seriously the best all-natural cleaning solution I've ever found. It cleans so many places like your bathtub, bathroom, and kitchen sink, and makes stainless steel shine.

12. This Swiffer Wet Jet


I love my Swiffer Wet Jet because it's so easy to use and gets rid of messes quickly and effectively. It makes cleaning a breeze.

13. This Fume-Free Oven Cleaner


I have to admit I don't clean my oven very often. But judging by the before-and-after pictures, this spray is up to the task.

14. This Soft Liquid Cleanser


Do you have a lot of different surfaces that need getting rid of rust and all sorts of build-up? Then this is your best friend.

15. This Mr. Clean Magic Eraser


I think you'll appreciate this product the most if you have kids. Why? Because they love to draw on walls lol. No more worries with this product.

16. This Dishwasher Cleaner And Disinfectant


Your dishwasher surely takes a beating cleaning all those pots and dishes. So it needs its own bit of TLC.

17. This Snake Drain Cleaner


OMG, I have long hair so it literally gets in everywhere, especially the shower drain. So this drain snake is a must in my household.

18. This Pet Hair Remover Roller


Speaking of hair, if you don't have a long mane like mine but you have a pet, this roller will be your life-saver.

19. These Disinfecting Wipes


Truth be told, no matter how clean you keep your house spills will happen. Who are we kidding here? These will always come to the rescue.

20. This Angry Mama Steam Cleaner


At first glance, I was like, "What the heck is this?" Apparently, with just water and vinegar this will soften and dissolve all caked-on food particles.

21. This Hand Vacuum


Sometimes all you need is a quick vacuum to pick up messes around the house. But who needs that bulky appliance when you've got this.

22. This Tub Cleaner


If you love taking a bath you'll definitely love this tub cleaner. After all, there is usually some grime that does build-up over time. No?

I know what you're thinking, cleaning sucks.

I get it. But somebody has to do it, right? So you might as well get the job done right the first time with these handy products.

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