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We Finally Tried Popeyes' Viral Chicken Sandwich, And It Was Exhilarating

We've written about the sandwich. We've talked about the madness surrounding it—the lines, the fights, the legal disputes.

And if you don't know what sandwich I'm talking about, good for you, because I was unable to let the mystique and hype keep me away from traveling to the states to try it for myself.

I can't tell you why the American people lost their minds when Popeyes announced the launch of their very own classic chicken sandwich back in August.

People love Popeyes chicken in general, and turning a piece of their prized white meat chicken into simple sandwich form sent people over the edge.

After having food content put on my plate recently (pun very much intended), and after suffering through a grumbling belly and a drooling mouth as a side effect, I took the next opportunity I could to convince my mom to take me to a Popeyes to experience the frenzy for myself.

Diply | Olivia Nazarewich

Admittedly, it didn't take much convincing. My mom and I were heading to Detroit to visit with family, and I simply asked, "If there's a Popeyes close can we stop there? I want to try the chicken sandwich."

With a positive and semi-enthusiastic, "Yeah, sure," I began prepping myself for the success or failure of obtaining the coveted sandwich.

This meant eating a quinoa bowl instead of a burger at BJ's Brewhouse, so I could leave more room to fully experience the chicken sandwich.

After a much-needed visit with family, a stroll through Rochester, Michigan's Kris Kringle Market, and a necessary Target stop, I was ready.

But I was nervous, and I was excited, and I was emotional—what if the location didn't have it? Should we have gone earlier? Did I eat a quinoa bowl for nothing?

I'll tell you, it really is a full-blown experience.

My mom and I swerved into the parking lot to see a drive thru filled with a long line of anxious and hungry people in cars! Oh boy, was my heart racing now.

We decided to eat inside to beat the line, but we ended up waiting in line anyways—I'll tell you, those workers are working tirelessly!

I could see in the distance different stations—a bun buttering station, a batter station, and most importantly, a chicken sandwich construction station complete with a sign on how to achieve the perfect classic chicken sandwich.

I felt like a kid from Willy Wonka who won a golden ticket to experience the making of the Popeyes chicken sandwich!

Finally, we were able to order.

"Hi, what can I get for you?"

With gleaming eyes, I remarked as if rehearsing it in my head for months, "I'll take two classic chicken sandwiches. One will be a combo with Cajun fries."

I handed the cashier the money, received a slip with a number on it, and away we went to wait to hear our order beckoned.

And beckoned we were. I skipped my way to the front and giddily hopped back to our table with the glorious chicken sandwiches in hand.

Diply | Olivia Nazarewich

I was able to get my hands on not one, but two (because my mom wanted to experience the hype, too). Oh, and some Cajun fries, which were definitely not the star of the show, but we can discuss that another time.

Upon taking my first bite, I felt overcome with a sense of magic and drama—it was finally happening!

I bit in, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

Would I sue the company over it? No. Would I get into a fight for it? I don't think so. Would I murder someone for it? Absolutely not.

As you can see, there is a hefty piece of chicken breast in there (vegans and vegetarians look away). The bun was soft and buttery, the coating was crunchy with a warming blend of spices that smoothly hit the tongue, the mayo added a sense of calm and simplicity, and the vinegar from the pickle cut through everything for a nice tangy bite.

Diply | Olivia Nazarewich

After eating the sandwich I was full. I was content. I felt peace.

Tangy, spicy, crispy, creamy, juicy, buttery—what doesn't this sandwich have?

On our way home, I couldn't wait to tell everyone I finally got to taste a piece of viral culture.

Were you able to try the sandwich yet?

What did you think of it? Was it as exhilarating?

Let us know in the comments!

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