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White Snickers Is Returning In January 2020, And We're Welcoming It With Open Arms

Hello 2020 and goodbye any chance of starting the new year candy-free, because Snickers is re-releasing their once limited-edition white chocolate flavor, and it's now permanent, baby.

You're either a white chocolate lover or hater. There's usually no in between.


But there is an exception to this fact, and it's Snickers White chocolate bar.

This Snickers was a limited-edition flavor back in the spring, and it was an instant favorite.

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Instagrammer @its_a_bodega described it as a, "[S]weeter more savory snicker [sic] than its counterpart."

I would assume the sweetness from the white chocolate would compliment the saltiness from the peanuts and creaminess from the caramel quite well!

Because of the candy bar's success and popularity, Snickers decided to make it a permanent addition to the Snickers clan.

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According to PR Newswire, the candy bar will hit shelves in January in single and share sizes.

I guess white chocolate is having a moment as of late, and this release shows it's hold on sweet-toothed folks out there!

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Will you be giving this flavor a try? Let us know in the comments!

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