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Chrissy Teigen Claps Back At Troll After They 'Sexualize' Pic With Her Daughter

Look, Chrissy Teigen is HOT A.F. but also SAVAGE A.F. so pls, don't think you can troll her in any capacity.

Chrissy is the epitome of a gorgeous, smart, hilarious woman who we all want to be BFF's with.

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She also an amazing wife and mom to her daughter Luna and son Miles!

Chrissy has handled motherhood the way she handles everything else in her life— like a MF'ing boss.

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So don't think she'll let anyone talk trash about her family, kk?

This was evident when Chrissy clapped back a grody troll for sexualizing this adorable pic of her and her daughter, Luna.

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"On set with my stylist" she wrote.

Someone had the audacity to comment that Chrissy should "cover up" her breasts around her daughter.

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Naturally, Chrissy had an iconic clap back.

She then took the argument to Twitter, assuring her followers that her daughter was not offended by her boobs.

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"U [expletives] sexualize the dumbest [expletive] and really show your horny [expletive]." she wrote.

And that's exactly what you get for being weird about Chrissy's super normal post, SMH.

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Sadly, this wasn't even the end of the gross men on Chrissy's Twitter feed.

Just a few days later, KWEEN Chrissy had to defend Taylor Swift's honor after her fertility was being discussed on Twitter.

Yep, you absoutely read that sentence correctly.

And who would tweet such a thing?

Right wing, white nationalist Stefan Molyneaux, that's who.

Naturally, this sexist nonsense wasn't going to fly with Chrissy,

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She kept her clapback short and sweet.

Thank goodness we have defender of the peace Chrissy around to put internet trolls in their place!

She doing the Lord's work!

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