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Fans Are Confused After Farrah Abraham Decorates Her Christmas Tree In Lingerie

People are confused after catching a glimpse of reality TV star Farrah Abraham's lingerie-themed Christmas tree β€” but hey, to each their own?

"Teen Mom" and "Ex On The Beach" star, Farrah Abraham, shared a video to Instagram on Sunday, decorating her Christmas tree in nothing but lingerie.

Naturally, the negative comments came pouring in.

But it really doesn't come as a surprise. Almost everything Farrah posts online draws in criticism.

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Whether it's intentional or not, she has a serious talent for sparking controversy.

Like the time she was dragged for trying to pay tribute to 9/11, but accidentally called it "7/11".

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In vlog-fashion, Farrah recorded a video of herself and her 10-year-old daughter at the 9/11 memorial site and walking the streets of New York City.

She explained that she wanted to educate her daughter about the tragedy.

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But then she made a couple of major mistakes that fans were not about to let slide...

First of all, in the video's caption she wrote: “WORKD TRADE CENTER,” misspelling World Trade Center. That wasn't even the worst part though...

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She then referred to the attacks as "7/11" β€” the world-renowned convenience store chain.

She also began her vlog by saying: "Happy September 11th", which fans found inappropriate.

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Fans commented, arguing that Farrah was exploiting a tragedy and her own daughter as a tactic to reap fame and maintain her online presence.

Anyway, it seems she's triggered her fans once again. This time, by sharing a video of herself decorating her Christmas tree, wearing lingerie.

While it obviously doesn't seem like the most practical attire, fans found it distasteful for several reasons.

Here is the clip in question:

As you can see, Farrah looks to be putting the finishing touches on her tree, wearing nothing but a red bra with a matching thong, garter belt, and stockings.

"#Christmastree official πŸŽ„ put it up & decorated... πŸŽ…πŸ» I’ve been real good this year🎁," she captioned the video.

Farrah also left a note for "all the moms out there" in the comments.

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Needless to say, there's a lot to unpack here.

And I'm not talking about unpacking Christmas presents.

Fans were less than thrilled.

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Mainly because Farrah is a single mother to Sophia and they don't think this is how she should be dressing casually around the house, let alone while decorating their family's Christmas tree.

People generally found this post to be strange.

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No matter what way you look at it, there's no doubt that Farrah was acting outside the box with this one.

Trying to make decorating your Christmas tree a sexy activity isn't an easy thing to do!

Others found her post to be tone deaf, and a reflection of her self respect.

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Just because she is a mom doesn't mean she isn't allowed to be sexy. But her fans thought that incorporating Christmas β€” a family-oriented occasion β€” was the wrong call.

But above all else, fans were the most concerned for Farrah's 10-year-old daughter.

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Many people assumed that she forces Sophia to shoot photos and videos for her, including this one.

While some people had high hopes that Farrah wouldn't ask her daughter to record a video of her own mother decorating their Christmas tree in lingerie, they also wouldn't be surprised if she did.

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She has done more shocking things than this.

This person thinks that IF Farrah makes Sophia film content like this for her social media, that she should have social services called on her.

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You have to admit, it would be kinda traumatizing to film a video of your mom in lingerie β€” near the Christmas holiday no less.

But it's not clear who was filming the video in the first place.

Who's to say whether or not Sophia actually filmed this? Farrah could have, of course, asked someone else to. One can only hope.

Someone else pointed out a slight mistake Farrah made.

Farrah did use the hashtag #2020, but maybe she was just looking forward to the new year!

Aren't we all?

She did have some fans who appreciated her unique sense of Christmas spirit.

"Merry Christmas to you hun. You look gorgeous as always. Your tree is stunning," another fan complimented her.

Someone pointed out that Farrah likely doesn't care about negative comments.

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From what I know of Farrah, this is definitely true β€” she does not have time to worry about what people are saying about her Christmas tree decorating.

Do you think it's ethical for Farrah Abraham to be decorating her family's Christmas tree wearing lingerie?

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Or are fans simply overreacting?

Let us know in the comments below!