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Fans Are Praising Amy Schumer After Sharing Video With Breast Milk Leak

It's always refreshing to see a Hollywood mom keeping it real because newsflash everyone— being a mom is HARD WORK!!!!!

Amy Schumer is one of those celebrity mom's who always keeps it real.

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Motherhood hasn't changed Amy's no holds barred attitude, thank gawd.

The comedian gave birth to her son, Gene Attell Fischer, back in May.

Instagram | @amyschumer

Fans have been loving her baby posts because they're both sweet and realistic.

The latest video she shared came after the announcement of her Critic's Choice nomination for her comedy special "Growing."

Instagram | @amyschumer

Which, if you haven't seen it yet, is hilarious!!!

"We are very honored and proud to have 'Growing' nominated for best special for the @criticschoice awards! He was about a week old he has a face with a view," Amy wrote on Insta, alongside this video of her rocking her newborn with a breast milk stain on her bra.

"Double D blessings all around. Congrats mama!!" wrote Tess Holliday.

"I love that your milk dropped," wrote one fan.

"Note slight leakage real mum problems," wrote another.

"That’s REAL, UNEDITED life of a mom right there!! Well done!" gushed one user.

Instagram | @amyschumer

"Yes! The leaking nip is so real!" praised another.

We love that Amy isn't afraid to highlight the realities of motherhood!

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