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A 'Star Wars' Cosplayer Created A Lightsaber Attachment For Her Amputated Arm

An amputee cosplayer got creative with her latest Star Wars-related cosplay, and the force sure is fierce.

Angel Giuffria is an actress and body postivity advocate for amputees.

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Not only that, but she is an avid cosplayer, often working in a character's accessory as an attachment for her amputated arm.

Back in the summer, she went to San Diego Comic-Con in 'Star Wars' cosplay, lightsaber attachment and all.

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That's right. She created a magnificent lightsaber attachment for her bionic arm, and it's totally BA.

Her friend also rocked a matching lightsaber attachment for his amputated arm, too.

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Although, he represented a Sith and she a Jedi.

Together, they really brought some fierce force!

Angel's looks are often compared to Carrie Fisher, as well as Luke Skywalker, so she payed homage to both with space buns and Jedi garb.

Instagram | @aannggeellll

Angel hopes to be cast in a Star Wars movie one day, and with her lightsaber, she's ready!

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