Pillsbury's New Sugar Cookie Dough Is Filled With Lucky Charms Marshmallows

Pillsbury is fusing two classics together, and we didn't know how powerful of a combo it would be until now.

There are many sugary breakfast cereals on the market that have transcended our youth, but there are a select few that absolutely have their nostalgic hold on us no matter what.

One of those cereals is Lucky Charms, and while the actual starchy and sugary cereal bits are pretty subpar, the chalky semi-hard marshmallow bits have us all drooling.

It wasn't uncommon for parents to retrieve bowls from the table in the morning with all of the marshmallows picked through, and a wad of brown cereal shapes left behind in a sea of cloudy sugary milk.

If you're still swooning over those marshmallow charms, this Pillsbury x Lucky Charms collab might make you do a little Irish jig.


Walmart is selling pre-cut Pillsbury sugar cookie dough with Lucky Charms marshmallows inside.

Now you can eat dessert for breakfast and not feel one bit bad about it!


The package comes with "12 big cookies" that are loaded with the fun iconic marshmallow shapes we know and love.

I can only imagine how good these will taste. Really sugary, no doubt, but super gooey and chewy and YUM.

Talk about magically delicious!

Find them online or in-store at Walmart for $2.50 a package.

They are limited edition, so you'll want to hurry and stock up on this one!

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