7+ Products With A Genius Designer Behind Them

Do you ever find yourself scrolling online when you suddenly come upon a really cool product that must've been designed by a true genius? I love it when that happens.

And I love it even more when the product turns out to have great use around the house or makes your life easier in general. I think this idea applies to all of these products below.

1. This Gift Wrapping Helper Tool


Wow, what's this? This cool clamp will secure your wrapping paper in place so you can wrap presents like a pro. That's awesome.

2. This Heavy-Duty Handle


Not only this super-nifty handle seal an open product, but the handle is so sturdy it can lift up at least 40 lbs. Wowza.

3. This Ice Roller


If you ever suffer from puffy and tired eyes give this ice roller a try. You can also use it to relieve migraines and pain.

4. These Metal Fan Pull Chains


No more guessing games trying to figure out which chain turns on the light and which one starts the fan with these cool chains.

5. These Non-Slip Odor Eliminating Socks


Not only will these socks stay put in your shoes because of the silicone tip but they will also help eliminate foot odors.

6. This Liquid Transfering Funnel


OMG, who knew this kind of contraption even existed? Now you can do the job easily without spilling anything. This looks so handy.

7. This Travel Umbrella With A Flashlight


Not only is this umbrella really portable and perfect for travel, but, get this — it comes with a built-in LED flashlight. What? Wow!

8. This Gadget Stand


This smart stand is so cool because it is totally adjustable, so you can use it with a variety of gadgets like phones, tablets, and e-readers.

9. These Twist Ties


These super useful rubber ties are bendable and a perfect way to organize all your cords. They're also waterproof, UV-resistant, and won't scratch or ding anything.

10. These Magnetic Eyelashes


Nobody can pay me enough to put glue on my eyelashes. With these magnetic eyelashes, I won't have to worry about that anymore. Woo hoo!

11. This Hoodie

Quick Flip Apparel

Check this out this hoodie actually transforms into a backpack. Now you can take it off and not worry about all that bulk to carry around.

12. This Clip-On Strainer


Even though pasta is delicious, it can also be a pain to strain. Not when you get this cool clip-on silicone colander!

13. These Silicone Cooking Mats


Forget about using all the extra oil when baking stuff in the oven. These non-stick silicone mats take care of the mess for you.

I'm absolutely psyched to have discovered all these cool and useful gadgets.

I bet they're going to make all of our lives just a little bit easier. Totally genius.

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