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People Keep Spotting Plush Sharks Doing Hilarious Things In Ikea

Ever since Ikea started selling their Blåhaj (Blaha) shark plush toy people have been loving it. Even when they stopped selling the beloved toy people petitioned to have it return, and it actually worked.

Now customers are really having fun finding their favorite toy all around the store doing a variety of activities just as a human would do. Have you spotted it yet at your Ikea store? Ha, ha.

Isn't there anything more romantic like having your wedding at Ikea?

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Hee, hee — I guess not. These sharks know how to party in style. I love this cute setup.

And speaking of dinner, this family of sharks looks like they're ready for some Swedish meatballs any time now.

On second thought, I want some too. LOL!

Well, I don't blame this shark.

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Walking around the maze that is Ikea can surely get tiring, and these beds do look comfy. Don't they? I would do this too.

Turns out that sharks and dolphins can be buddies afterall.

Or maybe this is just Ikea. Ha, ha! Either way, they look like they're having loads of fun. Right?

I guess if you've spent your day at Ikea, you may go a little stir crazy too.

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But it's always great to find ways to occupy yourself!

Oh my, how did he get all the way up there? LOL!

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I bet he's got some awesome view from there. Kudos to the person that spotted him.

I wonder if this family of sharks comes with the ottoman purchase?

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Wouldn't that be amazing? I think it would be worth the price and then some. LOL!

We all love to go to Ikea, not only for the furniture, but also for the food.

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So this shark chef appearance is definitely fitting here. Hee, hee.

Who says you can't have a romantic date at Ikea?

These two lovers look so cozy. Oh, how sweet is this? This is giving me all the good feels.

And if you don't necessarily have a sweetheart to read to you can still find a quiet nook away from everyone to take a break and read by yourself.

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Ha, ha, ha, I love the angle here.

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I dunno if he's laughing his butt off or he's in total agony. Either way, this looks super funny. Cooking is hard.

OMG, I bet you didn't expect to see this when you opened a closet at Ikea.

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And here he is, just waiting to make you laugh. Did he succeed?

Just hanging out, I guess.

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I wish I could be half as cool as this Ikea shark seems to be. He's just having the best kind of day.

I've never seen these Ikea sharks getting into all kinds of shenanigans at my local store and that's so disappointing.

I want to see them ASAP, please!!!