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When Dad Couldn't Finish 911 Call, 5-Year-Old Took Over With Life-Saving Adorableness

When you're in the midst of a medical emergency, you can't always communicate effectively with the people you need to help you.

Luckily, if you manage to dial 911, they can usually find you, but the more info you can provide to dispatchers, the better they can help.

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Still, it has to be a bit unusual for dispatchers to field calls from kindergartners, but everything can still turn out just fine.

One distressed dad in Indiana didn't need to worry, because his little girl was there.

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He dialed for help on his cell phone, but couldn't breathe or talk. So, five-year-old Savannah took over, talking to the dispatcher.

Dispatcher Jason Bonham said that the call stood out to him not because it was a child, but because she was so calm.

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Understandably, a lot of callers are upset or confused when they call, but Savannah answered all his questions. Occasionally, she'd get confirmation from her dad about certain things.

The important part, of course, is that she did manage to get the dispatchers all the info they needed.

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With the call coming from a cell phone, the street address was particularly important, and she gave them that, and conveyed her dad's immediate needs, as well as passing along advice from Bonham to her dad.

Throughout the call, she was always making sure her dad was okay.

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More than once, she says "So far so good!" in the sort of way that makes it seem like she hears the phrase a lot from her parents.

But the cutest, most adorable part is when Savannah realizes that she isn't properly dressed for guests.

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It's likely that her parents had been careful to teach her about what clothing is appropriate for certain situations, and even during an emergency she remembered that jammies aren't okay for when guests come over.

If this story sounds a little bit familiar, it's because it's actually from 2010.

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But even though Savannah is now 15 years old, her amazing calm during an emergency continues to make the rounds of the viral community.

You need to hear the whole call. It's amazing.

When she gets to the dog, I lose it. Even the fact that the dog is named Lou adds to how perfect it is.

Even Bonham says he has listened to the exchange a few times.

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"Most people when you talk to them, they're hysterical," he said to Eyewitness News. "Every time I've listened to it it's amazing. She's just a little person."

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