10+ Behind The Scenes Secrets About 'Love It Or List It'

Alright, you rascally Love It Or List It fans, you've been desperately asking for it, and we're here to deliver: these are all the behind-the-scenes secrets about your favorite house show.

Be warned, a lot of them are pretty sketchy. There's a lot of fake things that happen behind the cameras!

1. The Script


While it's considered by many to be a "reality" show, Love It Or List It has a formula.

Just like many fictional shows, and also like many other "reality" TV shows.

You know the main formula of the show: homeowners work with a designer and a realtor.


The realtor shows the homeowners houses while the realtor fixes up theirs.

At the end of the show, they decide whether to move or to stay in their own house.

But there's more to this than meets the eye...


The Realtor shows the client three houses. The first two are usually wrong for them, and the third is usually perfect.

As for the Designer side of things, something always goes wrong that makes the budget for the homeowners way too high.

And there is always a happy ending.

2. Hilary and David’s Morning Smoothie


Hilary and David are great friends. So great they even drink the same morning smoothie every single morning!

Here are the ingredients: kale, lemon juice, cilantro, banana, almond butter, cacao, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, and black pepper.

Sometimes avocado or apple.

Would you drink it?

3. The Show Is Unrealistic


Several real-life contractors have stepped up to say that this "reality" show just isn't all that realistic.

According to contractors, you'd have to cut a lot of corners to renovate an entire house in two weeks for $50,000.

4. The Lawsuit


Back in 2016, a couple in Raleigh, North Carolina filed a lawsuit against Big Coat TV (the company that makes Love it Or List It) because they messed up their house big time.

According to the homeowners Deena Murphy and Tim Sullivan:


"The floor in the home was 'irreparably damaged" and there were holes in the floor "through which vermin could enter the house".

That's disgusting!

5. The Two Endings


Sorry, Love It Or List It fans, but the endings of the show might be faked.

Apparently, they film two endings: one where the clients choose their home and another where they choose to list it.

6. Some Of The Houses Aren't Actually Listed


A lot of the "list it" parts of the show are apparently fake.

There have been rumors going around that some of the houses shown in the show aren't even for sale!

7. They Leave Some Houses Unfinished


If the renovated houses aren't ready by the time they're done filming the episode, sometimes they just leave it unfinished and just take shots that make it look finished.

That's kind of strange, isn't it?

8. David And Hilary Don't Watch The Show


Not because they think it's a bad show or anything, they just don't like to see themselves on camera.

Apparently, Hilary will only watch Love It Or List It if David is watching too.

9. David And Hilary Met Somewhere Surprising


You'd think that the two of them had been friends for a lifetime considering how good they are together, but nope!

The two met for the first time at their audition!

10. Little Interaction With The Onscreen Talent


Apparently, the homeowners don't get to meet the onscreen talent for that long.

They just do a bunch of scripted scenes, then the rest is just b-roll and the designers doing things.

11. Some People Have No Intention Of "Listing It"


According to one Reddit Thread, there are people who go on the show with no intention of "listing" their house.

They just go on it for cheap renovations and 15 minutes of fame.