10+ Details About 'Holes' Fans Didn't Know

Holes is a classic book and a classic movie and became a favorite for many people as they were growing up.

It's a movie with a very important message, and the acting is just impeccable. It was definitely one of Shia LaBeouf's best roles!

But there's a lot of things that fans might not have known about the movie!

1. The Audition Process


Becoming Zero was very hard for actor Khleo Thomas.

It started with the initial audition. Then, he had to do a callback. Then there was a callback for the director and producer. Finally, there was a chemistry test with the other actors.

2. The Boat Scene


While a lot of the movie was filmed on location the scene where Zero and Stan take shelter in a boat was not.

It was actually filmed on a soundstage!

3. Khleo Thomas Beat Out A Famous Rapper For The Role


There were a lot of famous people that the unknown Khleo Thomas beat out for Holes, but the biggest name was none other than Bow Wow... a man Khleo Thomas ended up touring with years later!

4. The Venom Scene


When they were filming Holes, one of the most controversial scenes was the one where Walker injures Mr. Sir after using some of the snake venom nail polish.

Remember it?

However, this scene was almost cut from the movie because Disney considered it to be "too violent".


It's a good thing they didn't because that scene is one of the most intense in the movie.

5. Zero's Favorite Scene


Khleo Thomas' favorite scene is the one where he hits Mr. Pendanski in the face with a shovel.

Apparently, it's a lot of fan's favorite scene as well, so he shares that sentiment with us.

6. The Sploosh Drinks


Have you ever wondered what those Sploosh drinks they drank in the movie were made out of? Well, now you know: bananas, brown sugar, and honey.

Mmm... Sounds pretty good, actually.

7. "Dig It"

Not only did Zero himself write the theme song for the movie, but a bunch of the cast members helped him out.

Apparently, according to him, they all wrote their own parts.

8. Shia's Sunburn


This must have sucked a whole lot: apparently, during the scenes where Caveman had to carry Zero, Shia LaBeouf had a really bad sunburn!

Yeesh! I've been there, buddy. It's always unpleasant.

9. The Yellow Spotted Lizards


The Yellow Spotted Lizards from the movie are actually quite harmless in real life!

They're really bearded dragons, and apparently they used to munch on Khleo Thomas' hair in between takes!

10. The Onions


It would have really sucked to eat a bunch of real onions for the movie, so what they did was wrap apples in edible paper and grape jello.

Much more palatable!

11. The Water Fight


While at most times in the movie Camp Green Lake doesn't seem like much fun, the kids had a blast on set!

One time, they got into a water fight and got in big trouble from the crew.

12. Sigourney Weaver's Reason For Being In The Movie


A lot of actors have a lot of different reasons for being in movies: it may add acclaim, it's a great role for them, etc, etc.

Sigourney Weaver wanted to be in Holes for one simple reason: it's her daughter's favorite book.

13. Controlling The Scorpion


Here is how the Scorpion handler would handle the scorpion in the scenes: He would stand directly off-camera with a straw.

If he wanted the Scorpion to raise his tail, he'd poke the thing with the straw.

If he wanted the Scorpion to move, he'd blow on it with the straw.