Little References To The Animated Movie Fans Missed From 'Mulan' Trailer

Mulan is a classic movie that fans have adored since the moment it came out from Disney.

The heroic tale of one woman saving all of China, based on the legendary table, stayed with us for years. And now Disney dropped the trailer for the live-action film, and there are a few references to the original movie.

So there's this new 'Mulan' trailer out.


And while the movie isn't going to be a musical, or feature any of the things that made the original so fun, it has some references that we can look at.

References we can look at... right now!

1. The Bird

There's a moment in the trailer where Mulan's father is praying to their ancestors to protect Mulan, and then this big bird shows up in the next shot.

Could this be an allusion...

To Mushu, the dragon that was assigned to protect her in the animated movie?


We know that Mushu isn't going to be in the live-action version, so maybe this is his replacement?

2. The Hair Comb


Ah yes, while we may be losing the music, the funny comic relief dragon and a lot of fun, we still have that comb to look forward too... in like the first scene.

Just like in the animated version, she decides to leave the comb by the stand next to her father's bed.


This is done in order to tell him that she has taken his place, and gone off to fight in the war.

3. "I'll Make A Man Out Of You"


The first of many references to the upbeat and jaunty music of the original, at one point in the trailer the commander states:

"I'm going to make a man out of every last one of you".

This is, of course, a sly reference to one of the most popular songs from the original.


The song, of course, titled: "I'll make a man out of you".

Did I really have to put the title there? You knew the song.

4. The Reflection


Not talking about the song here (we'll get to that in a moment) but there's an iconic shot from the movie that is recreated for the live-action version.

Mulan looks at her reflection in the sword of her father.

As you can see, the original does the same, and did it first.


You could say that together, they see "Reflections".

It's all a metaphor to Mulan's Disney song "Reflection", as she tries to figure out who she is.

5. The Music


Have you noticed what plays in the background of the trailer yet?

It's this grand, uplifting orchestral song that has a lot of booms and crashes to show how awesome the movie is going to be.

It's actually an orchestral version of "Reflections" that incredibly powerful song that was in the original.


You remember, the moment where Mulan is trying to discover who she truly is.

Thank god that was cut!

6. Do we remember this iconic pose from the original Disney film?


It was when Mulan came to the final fight and was ready to prove herself to her family, her soldiers, and all of China.

However, a couple of things are different in the live-action film.


Mulan's outfit has gone through a color swap and her sword isn't as curvy. Maybe it went on a diet.

Or maybe this is a much more practical sword.

Here's the trailer:

See if you can spot anything that we here at Diply may have missed.

But our writers are pretty keen-eyed, so watch out.

Are you excited about the film? Let us know below in the comments!