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Netflix Started A Bizarre And Hilarious Thread By Asking Brands A Simple Question

One of the most interesting changes brought on by social media is how we interact with brands. Instead of a company just advertising its product based on sample data and small focus groups, they can now interact with individual customers in real time.

It was pretty bland at first, but social media managers quickly realized that to stand out, you needed to show personality.

Which is how we get things like Merriam-Webster tweeting pointed definitions in response to news stories or the fact that KFC only follows 11 people: seven guys named Herb and the Spice Girls.

One account that's become known for a certain level of snark is Netflix US.

So it wasn't that surprising to see them post a riff on the classic game where you list movie titles that describe your sex life.

In their version, they asked for something you can say during sex that would also work when posting to a brand's Twitter account.

I'm sure they expected fans to chime in with some ironic choices.

I mean, a lot of customer service script phrases would work for this.

But I don't know if they expected actual brands to start chiming in too. It's reasonable to assume that many brands would have content standards or something that would prevent their social media managers from getting in on the fun.

Other brands didn't just engage with the question, though.

No, they got positively horny about it.

In some cases, like with Yelp, they gave a regular marketing phrase a whole new meaning.

For some, Netflix even had some good alternatives.

Such as with Instagram. The brand's submission is perfect in its simplicity, but Netflix knows where it's at.

Kettle Chips had a response that turned some heads.

In fact, one follower was so offended that they announced that they wouldn't be buying the chips ever again.

Could you imagine standing in the snack aisle and refusing to buy a tasty treat because of a dumb internet meme?

But it was Petco that made me literally laugh out loud.

We all know that some of the rubber dog toys look suggestive, but now we really can't unsee it. Thanks, Petco!

Needless to say, the entire thread is worth a read.

I couldn't possibly share them all in a single article. Just be ready to think about the brands you love in whole, new ways. LOL