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Alanis Morissette Lowkey Confirms She Wasn't Allowed To Look Vanilla Ice In The Eyes

Celebs and their quirks!

Before Alanis Morissette was a massive star, she was just a Canadian singer-songwriter opening for Vanilla Ice.

As nerve-wracking as this may have been, she revealed during a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen that she wasn't even allowed to look the rapper in the eyes...

It's been a busy week for Alanis Morissette!

Ever since she announced plans for a full North American tour for her 1995 "Jagged Little Pill" album on December 2, she's been back in our lives like never before.

The album, which turns 25 in 2020, has always been considered the singer's breakthrough album.

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It contains some of her biggest mega-hits, such as "You Oughta Know," "Hand in My Pocket," and "Ironic."

Since the announcement was made, the singer has been making the stops to several late-night television shows.

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For instance, she and Jimmy Fallon went busking in disguise at the New York City subway as a segment for his show, The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

While both dressed in wild getups, they began by singing a rendition of the Christmas tune, "The Little Drummer Boy.”

While this ended up getting a ton of attention from commuters, people literally began running to see them perform once they took off their disguises and Alanis performed her hit, "You Oughta Know."

Recently, she even stopped by "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen and actress Julia Stiles.

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It was here that she spilled the truth, once and for all, on whether Vanilla Ice used to forbid people from looking him in the eyes.

It all started when a viewer texted the question of whether she was allowed to look Vanilla Ice in the eyes when she opened for him in the '90s.

At the time of opening for him, Alanis was relatively unknown while the rapper was a massive star thanks to the success of his pop song, "Ice Ice Baby."

Alanis responded to the question by confirming that there was, in fact, a strict rule in place of not looking him in the eyes.

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Then, she explained the reasoning behind it.

“A lot of artists are overwhelmed by incredible, large amounts of stimuli and I think me looking at him was overstimulating him,” Morissette explained.

“So I just averted my eyes.”

That wasn't the only thing the singer revealed during the interview.

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Another called asked if she would ever reveal the inspiration behind for the breakup classic, "You Oughta Know."

“I am intrigued with the thought, or the fact that more than one person is seeking credit for it,” Morissette said.

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Since it's such a popular song that has stood the test of time — 25 years, to be exact — that could be why actor Dave Coulier claimed it was about him.

Alanis continued:

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“There’s something like six people that have taken credit for it and I just think, if you’re gonna take credit for a song where I’m singing about someone being a douche or an [expletive] you might not want to say, ‘Hey, that’s me!’”

In the past, the Canadian singer was famously linked to Coulier and Ryan Reynolds.


At one point, she was even engaged to the fellow Canadian star who she dated for five years.

But given that Ryan is a pure, sweet angel, we refuse to believe that the song is about him.

Alanis is currently married to rapper Mario Treadway, who goes by the stage name "SoulEye."

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They got married in 2010 during a private ceremony in their home and have three kids together, Onyx, Winter, and Ever Imre.

Anyway, the interview carried on with more revealing questions.

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Staying on the theme of the song "You Oughta Know," a new caller asked what Morissette thought of Britney Spears’ cover of the song.

"Awesome, I love Britney so much," she said.

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Finally, when asked what celebrity has left her the most starstruck, she answered with the late singer Prince.

Hopefully, she was able to look him in the eyes!