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Short Film 'Hair Love' Encourages Black Girls To Be Proud Of Their Hair

Yes, finally we have some positivity about black girl's hair in the media.

Because usually, if it's not a viral video about a dad learning to style his daughter's hair, there isn't much of it.

But this is the kind of feel-good media that 2019 desperately needed to end the year.

So 'Hair Love' is pretty darn inspiring.

YouTube | Roland S. Martin

It's the story of a father and a daughter as they struggle to find a way to style the girl's thick, curly hair.

Usually, in society's gender expectations, the mom does it. But it's revealed at the end the mom is in the hospital battling cancer.

So it's that kind of movie. Uplifting, touching, and depressing all at once.

YouTube | Roland S. Martin

The movie was written by ex-NFL player Matthew Cherry, who played wide receiver for three seasons before deciding to become a filmmaker.

Hair Love was to be his first project.

And it's gotten a positive reaction.

YouTube | Roland S. Martin

It even had a positive reaction before it came out!

The project was started on Kickstarter and all Cherry wanted was $75,000. But after the Kickstarter was done, he got $300,000!

Here's the short:

And I suggest you only watch it if you feel like being touched today.

So grab some tissues because you will be having some tears fall from your eyes.

These are the kind of important films (short or feature) that we need.