Woman Upcycles Her Vintage Wedding Dress Into A New Christmas Tradition

If you are looking for a way to repurpose your wedding dress into a new, festive tradition, one woman's genius DIY might just be the answer.

Using a few simple tools and some creativity, this DIY will turn a wedding dress into an important Christmas keepsake.

For many women, their wedding dress is something they have dreamed about since they were little.

Unsplash | Orio Nguyen

It's easily one of the most important pieces of clothing they'll ever wear.

However, once the wedding is over, many brides are unsure of what to do with their beloved dress.

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Some hang onto it so that other members of their family can wear it and some choose to preserve it in a box.

Many find that it sadly sits in a basement or attic collecting dust.

This was the case for Tess Heidelberg of Mauldin, South Carolina.

ABC News | TessHeidelberg

Tess had worn this dress for her 1990 wedding and then held on to it for her daughters. When it was their turn to get married, they had both passed on the chance to wear the dress themselves.

Tess found the dress near her Christmas decorations in the basement and that's when she got an idea to repurpose it.

Twitter | @TessHeidelberg1

She grabbed a pair of scissors and her glue gun and got to work.

Tess is a self-proclaimed craft and DIY lover.

ABC News | TessHeidelberg

She wondered if she could attach her dress to her existing Christmas tree skirt. While she admitted that the first cut was the "hardest", she enjoyed transforming her old dress.

Now, her wedding dress will get a second chance and serve as a keepsake every Christmas.

Twitter | @TessHeidelberg1

Tess shared the results of her DIY on Twitter.

"I turned my wedding dress into a Christmas tree skirt! Now my tree looks like it's floating on a cloud!" she said in her tweet.

Here is the final, stunning product.

Twitter | @TessHeidelberg1

Best of all, Tess said this project was really easy to make. She just used a hot glue gun and some ribbon to hide the hot glue seams.

Christmas trees are already a special tradition for many families.

Personal touches like these bring a whole new meaning to them. What a great way to upcycle a wedding dress!

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