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Boy With Down Syndrome Comforts Distressed Autistic Classmate In Viral Video

A little boy with Down syndrome has recently gone viral after he was filmed offering a comforting hug to his distressed classmate with autism, Unilad reported.

The unnamed youngsters were recorded by a teacher in Mexico earlier this week who was rightfully touched by the scene unfolding before them and knew this was definitely a video-worthy moment.

In the video, the concerned student can be seen standing behind his obviously upset classmate.

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First, he lends a hand by reaching out to try and wipe away some of those tears on his face. But when that's not enough to soothe his pal, this caring youngster decides he needs to go one step further.

He wraps his arms around the tearful boy and pulls him in for a heartwarming embrace in an attempt to comfort him.

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The two continue to hug as gentle, calming music plays in the background. At one point, the kind student offers his classmate a reassuring head kiss and even strokes his back.

At the end of the video, the boy releases his visibly calmer classmate and gives his hair a soothing pat.

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Then, he grabs the youngster's arms and waves them in the air cheerfully, signifying that the time for tears is over and it's time to be happy again.

The moving footage was posted on Facebook last week and has since amassed more than 20 million views.

Uploaded to the Facebook page Jalisco oculto, the clip has over 500,000 shares and over 150,000 comments from users who were touched by the selfless display of affection shared between two young classmates.

Watch the full video below.

The clip was later shared on Twitter, where it has amassed nearly 6 million views in just the three days since its posting.

In the comments, many people have praised the young boy's actions and have also shared their own experience with children who have Down syndrome who they insist are full of unconditional love and empathy.

This user wrote:

"My nephew has ‘Down’ syndrome. I put that in quotation marks because there is nothing downs about it. I’ve never seen anybody w/ the ability to empathize like he does. These kids truly have the most biggest hearts. They are so pure."

The identity of the two boys in the video haven't been released yet, but they've definitely warmed the hearts of millions everywhere.

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Perhaps most touching about the clip is the kind boy's understanding that while he may not be able to do anything to solve his friend's woes, he can certainly help at least help by comforting him in his time of distress.

His gentle, caring gesture is just too darn sweet for this writer to handle.

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