Make More Time For Drinking With An Instant Cocktail Machine

There's nothing worse than coming home after a long day of hard work and having to fix yourself a drink. Maybe you're craving a Cosmpolitan and you only have the vodka for it!

What are you supposed to do now? I guess you'll have to drink water. Ew...

Thanks to this nifty instant cocktail machine, you can make more time for doing what you do best: drinking.


Say hello to Bartesian, your own personal bartender.

The machine is like a Keurig: instead of water, you fill the glass chambers with your spirit of choice.


Instead of coffee pods, you pop in capsules that contain all the juice, bitters, and simple syrups you need to make a delicious cocktail.

It's wild. The machine reads the barcode and knows exactly how much to pour into the glass.

You also get to choose how strong you want your drink.


After you press that button, you just hang in there, get a snack, and grab your drink.

That sounds absolutely lovely to me!

This machine is great for your guests, too. Instead of playing bartender all night, people can help themselves!

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This is pure innovation if I ever did see it!

Find it on Amazon for $349.99 and cocktail mixes for $14.99 per pack of 6.

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