Amazon Is Selling A Gaudy Christmas Tree Costume Complete With Shiny Present Shoes

Looking to show up to Christmas dinner in style and grace? Look no further than Amazon!

Holiday fashion is all about glitz and glam, and maybe a little gaudy-ness.

"Ugly" Christmas sweater from the '80s and '90s have had a resurgence of sorts throughout the past decade, but they've become fashionable and cute.

So, we need something else...

If you really want to stun your fam, then you wear this giant Christmas tree costume.


Thanks, Amazon! We were wondering what to wear for Christmas dinner!

It comes with everything a traditional Christmas tree would have, like a giant star topper, ornaments, and garland.


You can't deny it wouldn't be comfy!

I'm all for anything that let's my dinner baby hang out.

It's also complete with present shoes, because Christmas trees need presents under them, DUH.


For $74.95, this could be you. Doesn't that just sound lovely?