Camila Cabello And Nicholas Galitzine Starring As 'Cinderella' And 'Prince Charming' In Live-Action Film

Cinderella is getting another reboot because apparently, that's all Hollywood can do now.

Sure, this will be a bit different, but is this really what we need in the world of movies?

Well, apparently a lot of people think so.

This new adaptation will be coming from James Corden.


According to what we've heard and read, this new retelling will have not a lot to do with the original tale.

Will that make them lose some viewers? Time will tell.

Camila Cabello will be playing Cinderella.

We obviously know she can sing, considering her insane success.

But the real, and more important question is: can she act? Will she be able to pull off the Disney princess?

Nicholas Galitzine will be playing Prince Charming.

He's both an actor and musician, more known in Britain than he is in the United States.

He's still on the rise as an actor, but perhaps this will be what he needs to move up the Hollywood ladder.

Considering we got a 'Cinderella' film just a few years ago, it will be interesting to see how this one does.

Are you interested in yet another retelling of the iconic film? Or have you had enough?

Let us know below in the comments!

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