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Emma Stone Has Just Gotten Engaged

Tis the season!

Something about the holidays really inspires people to pull out that ring and pop that one very important little question, and it looks like that inspiration is no different when you're famous.

Emma Stone just got engaged!

Not only has our favorite feisty actress (Easy A, La La Land, Spiderman) gotten engaged, she's gotten engaged to a man not a lot of us even knew she was dating — SNL writer Dave McCary.

Emma and Dave have been dating for two years.

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They met about three years ago when Emma hosted SNL in 2016 — now that's a meet-cute. The couple has generally been extremely private with their relationship, but Dave took to Instagram to share the news of their engagement.

Fans have a lot of feelings on the subject.

Most fans are super excited, although one tweeted, "Wait what, Emma Stone is engaged? I gotta up my game if I'm gunna marry her instead," which is honestly pretty relatable.

Some fans are a bit disappointed that this means she's not getting back together with Andrew Garfield.

"Are you in the right head space to accept that emma stone is marrying and it isn't with andrew garfield?" one fan joked, referencing the popular 'are you in the right head space to receive news that might hurt you?' meme that's been going around on Twitter.

They were pretty cute together, but most fans are happy for Emma anyway.

"Me, overjoyed that Emma Stone is engaged but also a little bit brokenhearted that my Andrew Garfield x Emma Stone aka Stonefield dreams are over," wrote one fan.

If 2019 was the year of the nerd, it looks like 2020 is going to be the year of the SNL writer.

Scarlett Johansson recently announced her engagement to another SNL writer, Colin Jost, and we've all seen what a big year Pete Davidson has had after his whirlwind engagement to Ariana Grande.

Emma's also in good company, seeing as her BFF Jennifer Lawrence just got married this October.

They also had a bit of a whirlwind romance so maybe Emma and Dave took some inspiration from JLaw's wedding for their own plans.

Congratulations, Emma and Dave!